Be Beautiful and Don’t complicate

Beauty is not just about a beautiful face and sharp features. I believe that beauty is the way you carry yourself and the way you walk about with your head held high. The world today is  very fashion-centric. A lot of thought and focus goes on what one wears, where is it bought from, how cool or hot is somebody’s style quotient is.

With a lot of buzz around fashion and easily accessible online fashion stores, people love to be up to date in fashion. If a celebrity wears something stunning, the fans want to dress in the same way

But how many actually stop to think about whether it suits them? We are spoilt for choice and sometimes nothing can be more dangerous.

I believe we should wear what makes us look beautiful rather than just following the trend. Don’t you think being comfortable is way better than looking funny? It so happened with me that  I wanted to “Dress up” nice for a party, but ended up having a retro look which didn’t really suit the place I was at. That was lesson I still carry with myself (Besides the pictures of the event that I still cringe at) Dress as yourself! Dress comfortable and dress for fun! Contrary to the popular belief, you can be comfortable AND still make a style statement.

I learnt a lot of lessons the hard way . Celebrities — we all look up to, but whom do we go to when we want to ask , “What will this top go with”  or “What shoes should I wear with these” So I thought, Why not share my tips and tricks with all the girls out there and in return get a lot to learn from! It is a win win situation , after all!

Following this post will be my posts on outfit ideas, accessorizing, hair styles , fitness, dance and a lot more. Keep visiting and do suggest on what is that YOU want me to cover.

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