Nail Arts For the Bold and the Busy!

We want it all .. don’t we? We want style and simplicity.We want to keep up with the trends while still juggling with our crazy lives! How many of you have looked at those pretty nail arts on several places over the net and wished for them? In our busy schedule, we hardly get time to spend on something beautiful as nail arts. We would have seen multiple videos for different kind of nail arts. Also we would require all the right equipment’s to get it all right. Don’t have time for all that? Here are some simple designs I try on usually but which can get you others attention (and admiration) as well ūüėČ

  • Combination — Try using two different colors; applying alternatively on fingers. The catch here is to find colour combinations that go well with each other. Light and dark shades of blue look great. Even the lighter and darker green shade combination can be well carried off. Here I have used pink and blue. Blue is my favorite but then pink is supposed to be the oh-so-cute , loved-by-all-girls colour!





  • Glitter nail paint- Every brand has them.So just pick it up next time you go shopping. ¬†Apply one layer of transparent nail paint, let it dry and the put the glitter paint on it. Let it dry and you can see ¬†beautiful glittered nails without much effort!
  • Together, yet separate — Merge two colors, apply the lighter color layer first and on top of it apply darker one on half part of the nail¬†either horizontally or vertically. Black and red , black and blue combinations ¬†also look really nice.





These Nail arts hardly take much of your time, hence you can do it either just before going to sleep or morning before going to work.

What will be your choice the next time you decide to dazzle your friends with your nail art? Do share your pictures with me and don’t forget to add your easy tips in the comment below

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And remember — Style is what you make it!


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