Nysassa Moroccan ROSE Hand Cream Review



After using this product for over a month now, I thought why not write a review about it. So here is my official product review — a first in many more to come!

Product contents:

Shea Butter, Olive oil, sesame oil, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, glycerin, DM water, triethanolamine, e-wax, preservative and fragnance

My Take on the Product:

The Morrocan rose is a hand cream which feels super light on your skin. It has a sweet rose petal scent to it — more like the rose water. It leaves your skin with a smooth texture and moisturizes well. It also absorbs well into the skin without leaving any discoloration or patches. It is a small handy bottle so you can apply it before leaving for work and also carry it along in your hand bag.

Availability : FabBag


  1. Moisturizes well
  2. Light weight on the skin


  1. Fragrance doesn’t last longer
  2. Packing could have been made better

ThatElegantChic Verdict — 3.5/5

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