DIY Face Mask

ThatElegantChic is primarily for and from women who cannot afford to stay at home. We have to go out and brave the dust, heat and all the pollution.  We all crave for a flawless and glowing skin but work and responsibility weigh us down… don’t they? Beautiful skin is the best make up. Nothing can be a truer statement. Here is a DIY mask that I came up with after reading a zillion articles on skin care over the net and books everywhere for pampering my skin after a tired day.  Here goes —

1) Turmeric — I can go on and on about how beneficial is turmeric for our skin. It’s not applied on brides-to- be for no reason! It is an antiseptic, anti ageing spice which treats acne, works wonder for dry and oily skin and reduces skin tanning and pigmentation.

2) Besan/Gram Flour — Gram Flour not only acts as a scrub, it gives your skin that lovely glow and helps remove tan.

3) Green Tea — Green Tea is packed with anti oxidants. It is super good for your skin and instantly rejuvenates a tired skin. You usually drink it, but you can make an awesome face pack out of green tea. As they say, if you can eat it or drink it, you can put it on your skin!

4) Lemon — We add a dash of lemon to tap its bleaching effects.It exfoliates your skin, removes excess oils and tones your skin

5) Pure Honey — I emphasize on “pure” here because trust me when I say, pure honey is brilliant for skin. It moisturizes the skin and leaves it feeling supple, soft and clean. In fact on lazy days, I just apply honey on my skin and keep it for 10 minutes.

6) Rosewater (optional) — Lemon and Honey are enough to hold your mask but if you, like me, prefer your face mask to have a thin consistency,you can add some rose water in it. It helps to manage the pH balance of your skin. It also cleanses and tones the skin.

Mix all these and relax with your eyes closed for 10 -15 minutes. Wash your face and pat (not rub) it dry with a soft towel. (We treat our skin with lots of love! 🙂 ). Here i have put green tea’s solution, dipping the tea bag in water and using it.

facemaskFace Mask Paste

You can completely customize this mask and add or subtract ingredients according to your comfort. You can make it and refrigerate it for using it for next 2-3 days. However, don’t make it in large quantities because your skin loves fresh masks.

As with all the masks and products that claim to be fruitful for your skin, you will have to give this one too some time to work its magic. I use it as frequently as I can and I have had visible positive results. In fact people have also commented on how dark circles have minimized after I regularly applied this mask for about a month.

A word of caution — Although these are all natural products, you never know what can cause breakouts on your skin. So make sure you do a patch test if you are using this mask for the first time. For example, unfortunately, milk caused breakout on my skin twice in a row and thus I stopped using it. You know your skin best and make sure you notice what effects positively and negatively on it.

Don’t forget to share your experience with me in the comments below and tell me how did you feel after pampering your skin with this DIY mask.

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful 🙂

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