Leather Jacket..! OOTD

Ah, my love for leather jackets is so immense that I can wear it in any season.. But as the winter approaches, I suggest you girls also have it stocked up in your wardrobe.

Here is how I wore my leather jacket:

Brown leather jacket looks very cool and goes well with most of your pants. I’m planning to have a black one pretty soon.

You cannot go wrong when you wear them with black Jeans which is mostly my preference. It gives a cool and casual look with blue jeans as well.

I’m wearing a black sleeveless top tucked in black jeans with a black belt. I like to keep the jacket open without zipping it up.



Wayfarers is what I prefer when i’m out in sun with this jacket. It gives an classy and chic look.A pair of black shoes/bellies is a must in your wardrobe as it goes well with almost all outfits. I have worn  black shoes with 2 inch heel in them. They are easy to walk and stylish too. As I always say .. Style should be comfortable. If it pinches you, bites you (in case of shoes) or chokes you (in case of a dress), throw them away!



If you are a biker chick, you should definitely own a leather jacket 🙂 It just adds on to the brilliant journey!



I also wear this jacket with dresses, which I shall share with you sometime soon on Instagram:)

Outfit Details:

Leather Jacket ~ Got it from US for $25

Jeans ~ From Jealous 21

Shoes ~ From Metro

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful 🙂

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