What’s fitness for you?

A typical day for me starts with opening my eyes and staring at the ceiling above with the thoughts of “I don’t want to get up” or “Let me just work from home today”. These thoughts are always accompanied with “I think I shall skip exercise today” . Don’t we all crave for a toned up body but end up being lazy or laid back to actually get one..!

I am sure we have all been there. In fact I am sure we all ARE there. We go through our day mostly sitting in offices, not really doing anything physical.Unfortunately, exercising is associated with boring routine activities that take a lot of effort. Of course we avoid it — we don’t find the time , we have a hundred other things to do and the old excuse of “hey! I am not fat! I don’t need to exercise!”. Remove this thought from your head that being fit is about being thin or skinny. Fitness is a practice to be healthy. The breaking news is “We all NEED to exercise”. It is not easy , I know. But here is the good news — It does not have to be difficult. When I talk about exercising , I don’t mean a six pack or flat washboard abs. I mean being fit — not falling sick, not getting tired, not getting depressed and most importantly being overall active throughout the day.  Another myth is that if you eat less or starve all day you would reduce weight. I have heard this in a fitness training session — sumo wrestlers are built by keeping them starving. Now if you want to be sumo wrestler then go ahead and starve..!

You do not have to join a gym and pick up those weights every day. However, if you do, nothing better than  that. You will have an instructor to tell you what to do and correct you when you are wrong. But not all of us are lucky enough to have a good gym nearby. There are however a zillion other fun things to do that can keep you fit.

One thing that make people run away from a decent work out is the monotony of all of it. Everyday the same exercise is definitely going to take away the excitement. Now — you don’t have to do the same thing and in fact you should not do the same thing everyday. Our focus is an overall healthy mind and body. A brisk walk for half an hour, running, cycling, dancing, yoga and a fun mix of all of this can really keep you on your toes. You might have time constraint to join a fitness club, but you can always pull out half an hour at home to keep yourself fit. But just get rid of the laziness.I prefer working out at home for a lot of reasons.

1) I don’t have to dress up and go out to exercise. I just need to move to the room where I regularly exercise.

2) I can do it at a time of my convenience.

3) I don’t need to shell out those big bucks

4) If I am travelling, I still end up doing those exercises in my hotel room.

I would want to emphasize on one fact here. A long journey begins with a small step and here are a few suggestions for you to take your first step. Get out of your comfort zone and just start!

1) Taking stairs whenever possible

2) Walking to a store near by

3) Not eating too much of junk food — If you really can’t stop suddenly, start by decreasing your portions. Just half a burger or only one slice of Pizza.

4) Keeping one sport as your hobby and let me tell you, playing games on phone is not a sport!

Here is what I do to keep myself fit:

Since I stay in a locality where I don’t prefer running outside, I usually run for a while on terrace to warm up my body or do skipping and then play music and do my routine indoors. I also eat on time and mostly home made food. As I like badminton I play it whenever possible.

Play station and X box have these party and Zumba DVDs where all you have to do is follow them. They are super fun even if dancing is not really your thing. You can call your friends and have a blast with these. I have tried them and trust me …they are a great way to dance your stubborn fat away and enjoy. Now that’s what I call “the best of both worlds”.

Here is a parting food for thought — Being healthy is not just an addition to your daily activities. It is a complete change in lifestyle. The choice is always yours — I hope you choose to be fit!

Do let me know what do you do for a fit lifestyle in the comments below.

Stay healthy, stay Beautiful 🙂

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