HairColor – Ombre Red!

Your hair is a major factor that contributes towards your looks and I have always loved experimenting with mine. From having a short military hair style to long wavy hair, I have been there and done that. I prefer to have a bold look which I can carry off with style! I never had second thoughts when it comes to having different haircuts or hairstyles. But coloring my hair was something I was pretty skeptical about. But then I finally decided to take the plunge!

I have been bombarded with tons of questions after I came out with my new look and whats a better platform than this blog ! 




Why Ombre?

Ombre refers to the graduation of color, so I could keep my roots black and color only the lower half of my hair. So that when my hair grows the look still remains ombre and I need not go to salon to touch up again. With global highlights, once your hair grows, the original color would be seen and you might have to revisit the salon for coloring that as well.

With my skin tone being brown, I knew red or copper would suit me well. Since good copper color was not available at the salon, I preferred the red. The final outcome was a wine red which suits best for the winter season 🙂



If you get bored of it after a few months,  you can always cut out the colored part of hair without worrying much. Hence I chose Black and red Ombre.

For the color to remain bright and lively, I have chosen to use Matrix color protection shampoo and use a hair mask once a week. I shall review that for you guys after few weeks of usage.


Root touch ups not needed


Maintaining the color might be difficult

Where I got this done:

Javed habibs hair & beauty salon,

Do let me know how you liked my new look in the comments below!

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful 🙂

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3 thoughts on “HairColor – Ombre Red!

  1. Hi your hair color looks good. I’m planning to get it done too.. How long did the color stay? And how much did it cost you?


    1. I got this done over a year back, same color stayed for Six months and now I have light brown color on hair which I like it too. Cost was around 5k for my hair length.


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