OOTD – Corporate Look!

Have you noticed how wearing a lovely formal dress to office perks up your mood? It certainly happens with me. I am more professional in my attitude, my body language becomes business like and I feel like I am ready to face the day head on! If you feel the same and want help on a corporate look, look no further! I am here for you!

Here is what I wore to office for a formal look:

Shirt ,Skirt, Watch and formal shoes is all it takes to have a elegant corporate look..! Keep the look light with minimum accessories. I am wearing a big dial watch which gives a brilliant oomph to the look and have styled them up with a pair of elegant silver shoes. I prefer light or no earrings and definitely no chunky/heavy jewellery. The look says “I mean business” and gives me a wonderful motivation during corporate client meetings.


The skirt is very formal with a small slit open at the back which makes it easier to walk around. It is tight and crisp to look at. I love the layering on the top that gives an illusion of  a tie. You can also wear a stylish blazer over the top to give yourself the ultimate “Like a boss” swagger!


I chose my silver shoes to go with my corporate look which goes well with almost all of my formal outfits. They are fairly comfortable to walk in but when I’m just sitting in my cubicle and working, I prefer to leave them and be bare foot so that I wouldn’t have any heel pain at the end of the day. A pair of sexy black pumps will also go very well with this dress.


Attire Details:

Formal skirt from Max

Formal Top from Inmark

Shoes by Dressberry

Watch by Fossil

Who says office has to be boring? Do tell me how did you style yourself up and made your day a tad bit brighter!

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful 🙂

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