Hair Spa at home!

Imagine yourself wearing a beautiful red evening gown, complete with lovely accessories and shoes to die for. Now imagine yourself  walking down the red carpet, looking like a diva and here’s the clincher — you are bald. Didn’t quite fit in ,did it? My hair are my favourite part and when I know my hair look good, I feel pretty! When you feel pretty, you feel confident — it shows on you! Now that I think I have enough build up, I would want to share with you a few hair care ideas and like always , these are natural products and easy to follow tips.

Hair Masks:

1) Olive Oil and Honey — This is the best combination I have put on my hair. All you need is a good amount of honey and olive oil ,according to the length of your hair and apply it with a brush, dividing your hair in sections.Now, I will be honest with you. It is not a neat process. It is sticky and messy. But once you get past the messiness, tie your hair in a bundle and cover your head with a shower cap. You can easily get shower caps (I got mine from an MK Ahmed Store) and if you don’t have one right away, you can also wrap a polythene around your head. Yes, you might look silly, but you need to keep this mask for a maximum of 40 minutes. I usually spend  my first 20-25 minutes reading and rest of the time, I apply a DIY face mask so that at the end of those 40 minutes, I have hair and skin care at place! Wash your hair with a mild shampoo afterwards.


That’s how I tie up my hair after applying mask

2) Curd and Eggs — This was a saviour hair pack for me when I was facing a major hair fall situation in my 12th Standard. Every time I feel my hair fall has increased, I use this pack. In case you are suffering with dandruff, you can also use lemon juice and curd. The idea is the same. Decide the quantity according to the length and volume of your hair and apply the mask in sections, with a clean brush. Wrap your head with a shower cap or clean polythene and wash them with a mild shampoo. Also make sure that the water is not very hot. Besides the fact that you should anyway never wash your hair with hot water, in this particular case, the egg might get cooked and the situation, though funny in retrospection, can be very messy while you are in it.

3) Coconut oil massage — If you are lazy to make these masks, all you have to do is heat up some coconut oil and apply it nicely on your scalp and then massage it. I bought myself a battery operated massage brush and what I do is , after I make sure the oil is applied properly on my scalp, I switch on a nice movie on my laptop, sit with the massage brush , and use it over my entire scalp, stopping occasionally at places to concentrate on a particular area, while I also enjoy the movie. If you live with your family, a nice strong massage by your mom/dad/brother/sister/husband can actually work better than an artificial method. A nice movie and a massage on a weekend — Life’s Good! Wait for an hour and take a long relaxing head bath afterwards. If you are ready to work more towards your hair, dip a towel in hot water and tie the towel over your oily hair for a lovely steam treatment. Trust me, you will bless me after you see the effect on your hair! 🙂



After the wash! 🙂



These tips are mostly things I learnt over the years for better hair maintenance. Here goes :

1) Trim your hair regularly — Trimming keeps your hair looking neat and healthy.This also keeps away split ends that completely ruins the quality of hair. No matter what a brand claims, nothing can cure split ends.Think about it — can a shampoo “stick back” those forking ends? The only treatment to “cure” them is snip them off. I do that once in three months to keep my hair prim and proper



2) Protect — Cover our hair with a cloth every time you go out, especially if you are driving a two wheeler or riding pillion on a bike. Besides protecting your hair from the dust and UV rays, it avoids tangling of hair in the wild wind, hence avoiding breakage. Simple step, but makes a lot of sense.

3) Wash — How often you wash your hair is completely your understanding of the texture and health of your hair. But try to notice if you are unnecessarily over washing them. I went through a phase when I would not “feel clean” unless I took a head bath and this meant I would wash my hair daily! This is certainly not a good decision because over washing strips your hair from its natural oils and make them dry. Besides, it also aggravates hair fall. To avoid going out in greasy hair, try this. Take some baby powder and unsweetened cocoa to make a DIY dry shampoo. Work it over your scalp, let it settle down and then comb them as usual. This works for at least a day and is a super helpful cheat on day when you just couldn’t wash your hair. Only baby powder also works well, but you have to make sure that there are no white streaks of  “sudden ageing”! But keep this usage minimum — like at most once or twice in a week. This way, I only wash my hair twice in a week and get away with those greasy hair days.

4)Food, Fruits and Loads of water — If you want to treat the outside, start with the inside. Protein rich food like daal and Eggs are wonderful for your hair. So are green veggies and fruits. This is something that you cannot and ideally should not avoid. Also, drinking the right amount of water, 7-8 glasses per day is a tip that can never go wrong, besides the fact that you might have to pee a bit more often, which is okay. In fact, it is good because this process flushes out your toxins and you get to flaunt nice skin and hair. If you are not sure whether or not you are drinking enough water, always look at the color of your urine. In case it is yellow, you NEED to drink some good amount of water.

5) Frizzy Hair — Frizzy hair can be tamed by a applying a good leave-in conditioner after wash. When nothing else eases out those frizzes for me, I use a straightener to flatten them out but I make sure to only lightly pass them through the straightener because the aim is not poker straight hair but only taming the frizz. One handy tip to avoid frizzy hair is to dry your hair with a cotton T-shirt instead of a towel. Use a T-shirt big enough to cover all your hair

I’ll be really happy to hear how did your hair treatment at home go ! Make sure to comment below and share this post with all your friends!

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful 🙂

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