What I wore at a Wedding – OOTD!

It has been a season of weddings for me and although I love the feeling of excitement of seeing a friend getting married, deciding what to wear is  always a confusion. But when you have to attend a friend’s or a relative’s wedding, you have to think grand!  Here is what I wore at one of my good friend’s wedding reception.

Who would not like to wear a Lehenga?  I mean it is so comfortable to walk around with no hassle of managing and draping a saree. This looks very similar to Saree, in Karnataka we call it Langa Daavani.


I bought the material and then got it stitched . Unfortunately, I did not like the way the tailor had stitched the blouse and  thus chose to wear a different blouse which matched. The skirt has a beautiful embroidery border with colours like pink, green and maroon in it which gave me a lot of choice for the blouse and I chose  a Maroon with golden blouse, which looks pretty grand to go well with this skirt and dupatta.

Since the Dress is pretty heavy towards the design side,I went easy on the jewellery, opting for a chain with Maroon pendant and a gold and maroon earrings, that went perfectly with the dress and matched my davani (dupatta)


I chose a silver clutch to carry with myself. It matched the silver studs in my dress and was big enough to accommodate my lip colour and my phone. Really, it was all I needed!


for the bangles, I went for traditional golden colored ones. Since I was pressed for time, I could not change my nail color and this was the part I wasn’t happy with and for you to take notes. Avoid very dark colors on your nails for a traditional attire. If I had the time I would have definitely gone with a red or pink color on my nails … but maybe the next time.


Attire Details:

Lehenga Material : 2500 INR from Shri Vishnu Silks, Bangalore

Jewelry : 550 INR commercial street, Bangalore

Clutch : Gift

Don’t forget to share with me what traditional attire you prefer to wear for weddings!

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful 🙂

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