One HeadBand – 3 Styles!

If you are anything like me, your accessories surpass or at least equate to the number of already overflowing garments in your wardrobe. Although I love all my accessories, sometimes I get tired of wearing them in the exact same way every time, unless , of course I realised I don’t have to. The last time I went to Soul Sanathe I ended up falling in love with a head band that I have been looking for since ages. Except, its not just a headband. I use it in three different ways and today’s blog is to show you girls just that!

  • Head-Band – Either wear it on the forehead or  high up like a hair band. The head band look totally rocks out for a live event like a music concert and a hair band for a simple yet stylish get together.







  • Necklace: You can simply wear it as a cool chain around your neck..! Keep the elastic band behind your neck or keep your hair loose to hide it. It’s not gawdy, its not too simple. It walks the fine balance of perfection.





  • Bracelet : Wear it as a bracelet~~ Just tie two-three rounds around your wrist. It looks cool and you can carry it off with your casual wear with amazing panache!





There you go! One accessory, three styles.  Do you use your favourite accessory in more than one way? Make sure you share it with all of us — we are always hungry for more innovative ideas!

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful 🙂

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