Simple HairStyles for Long Hair!

TEC always maintains the importance of  good hair. A nice hair-do can make a lot of difference in your look. It is no news that an awesome hair-do will revolutionize your look as much as a trendy outfit! Isn’t it boring to keep your hair lose or tie up in pony each day? So we are showing you a few simple hairstyles for long hair which are very simple and gives you a new refreshing look!

  • Braid it both ways : Take small portions of your hair on both sides and braid it, Put it across the other end and pin it with a bobby pin.



  • Simple Knot : This one is so easy you can actually do it during transit! Collect all your hair to one side, divide them into two halves, one thicker than the other. Take the thinner half and wrap it around the other half like a rubber band. Fix the ends with a bobby pin.



  • Braid-Band : This is Cutest one, as this looks like you have worn a hair band. Take a small portion of hair on one side and braid it, put it across like a hair band and pin it at the end. There! You have a natural hair band 😉



  • Pony With a Twist: Tie a side pony by taking all your hair to one side and securing it with a band. Make a gap in your hair where you have tied your band or in other words, right above the point where you have tied your hair band, separate your hair with the help of your thumbs so that there is a small hole or a gap.Pass your ponytail through this gap to get an easy and elegant twist. Finally tighten up the pony to cover the gap. I have also wrapped one strand of my hair around the band so that it is not visible.



These are just a few hairstyles I wear now and then to get a change in my look. Sometimes, a simple side braid or a side fish braid also brings a huge change to an otherwise boring look.

We will come up with more ideas to zing up your hairstyles. So keep watching this space. In the meanwhile,remember to share your pics with us after you have tried these hairdos and let us know which is your favorite hairstyle that you love to sport.

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful 🙂

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