Pullovers ~ A Winter Essential

It is that time of the year where we just do not want to get out from the bed, but we still got to get out and go to work. Winters can be fun and you can look absolutely gorgeous in this lazy weather too with just the right styling needed..!

Pullovers are one of the Must haves in winter, aren’t they? Here is how I choose to wear them to make it look elegant and not get bored with same style each day!

Keep it simple by wearing a Pullover with Black pants and a pair of boots. This look is apt for office to keep you warm in AC and also gives a crisp look.


I’m keeping it minimal with just a watch as an accessory. I have brushed my hair back with a puff in front to keep my hair out of my face.



  • Complimenting it with a dress for a lunch out or for evening coffee. The pleats of my dress along with the pullover makes it look like a skirt and top 🙂  I have paired it with flat bellies for a complete feminine look.



I am Keeping my hair loose and painted my nail red. This as whole gives you a young(teen) look 🙂



  • Wear it over a shirt, giving a nerd look 😉 You can wear it to office or to college, playing on with its casual yet serious look. You can also choose to have a pony tail hair and a spectacles to have a complete nerd look! 



I choose to wear flat bellies or sneakers with this attire. Wearing smaller size pullover with a longer shirt would also look cool.





Let us know how you like to wear your pullover 🙂

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful 🙂

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