DIY Drink to Prevent Hairfall!

Besides waking up with a huge pimple peeping out of my skin, my biggest nightmare is leaving a mark wherever I go — in the form of falling hair. When I see a visible increase in my hair fall, my heart skips a beat, the world stops spinning — I hope you get the drift. Over dramatic, you say? Not when the hair fall crosses its limit. Studies show that up to 100 strands falling on a single day is normal. But if you run your fingers through your hair and end up with some 15 hair strands — you might want to worry a little bit.

Unfortunately, I was in situation where I was losing a lot of my hair. Maybe it was because I changed the shampoo or because of the Bangalore pollution or office stress, I am not sure. All I know is that I was really worried and worrying increases the hair fall. Ah! the viscous circle of life.

I was looking for options on how to stop the hair fall, when my mom told me about a homemade drink which might not make my taste buds very happy, but would help reduce the hair fall (My lovely Mom to the rescue!!). Home Made Natural solution is anytime better than some chemical serums, right? I was all game – no questions asked! Taste buds be damned!!

I had around 50 ml of this drink every day for about two weeks and trust me I saw a huge improvement. So hereby, TEC officially declares this wonderful concoction as “Mom’s Miracle drink” 🙂

Here’s the recipe!


  • Carrot
  • Beetroot
  • Ginger
  • Mint Leaf
  • Apple
  • lemon(Optional)









Cut all these ingredients and put into the mixer bowl. Add water and grind these ingredients as you make juice. To improve its taste, I reduce the quantity of ginger and add a dash of lemon.



Do not filter away the fiber. That’s the soul of your drink. Not only is this good for your hair, it is also great for the skin. You can store the drink in fridge for a week and consume everyday around 50ml.



Now unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients above, I say you definitely give this one a shot. It is all natural and it is all awesome! Do let us know if you had your miracle with this drink. Make sure to be regular — even miracle takes time to work its magic!

Watch this space for more healthy ideas!

Stay healthy, Stay Beautiful 🙂

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