Instant Styling!

How I wish I could carry a tiny light weight magical bag that carried all my wardrobe! You never know what you may need! Say you are out for a casual meet up with your friends, so you are dressed in a normal blue denim and white shirt which is pretty cool , but some over enthusiastic friend comes up with a sudden idea at a wrong place — Let’s go clubbing! And you go ,” but I am in basic denims and I can’t go clubbing in these! I wish I had my pretty dress! Oh my magical wardrobe, where art thou!”

I found myself in a similar “wrong dress for a sudden idea” situation in my recent Bandipur trip. Except, my friends wanted to visit a Krishna temple, to welcome the new year. There I was, in my cool colorful shorts, posing away to glory. In my head, I knew I could not go back to the resort to change (I had no traditional clothes to wear anyway!). Thankfully, I am good with DIY and come on! I am a fashion blogger! I had to come up with something fun and useful at the same time. So here is what I did!



Along with my shorts, I was wearing an orange stole with beautiful prints on them, which gave me the idea for my temple attire.



I removed the stole and wrapped it around my waist like a wrapper skirt( Or Panche)ย  Tada!! There you have it, an all together different look for instant styling.Do you see the power of accessorizing!! ๐Ÿ™‚



The stole wasn’t transparent and even if it was, I was wearing the shorts inside. Since I had to visit a temple, I had no use of my shoes, so I removed them. I tied my hair back with the clip and I had a decent attire for a temple visit.



The temple is of Lord Krishna and located on Himavad Gopalswamy hills. It was built during 1315 AD. It is also the highest peak in Bandipur National park.



After the darshan we stopped for a breather ,admiring the beautiful place for a while.This place has amazing view of the hills around and looked like a green bed which was spread till the sky ๐Ÿ™‚



Do let us know if you faced any situation where you needed to rack your brains for an instant wardrobe change!

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

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