Nails with Maybelline GlitterMania!

I am totally in love with the glitter mania range of maybelline which is a wonderful piece of nail art in itself. I hope you remember my previous maybelline haul which included a silver glitter(Dazzling Diva) nail paint. I loved it so much that I have paired the color with other colors to get some elegant looking nails. 

Here are few pictures showing how I used it:

  • Blue and silver glitter couldn’t go any wrong! I painted all my nails blue except one with the glitter. I have used only one coat of this shade.

Nails with Maybelline GlitterMania
Nails with Maybelline GlitterMania1


  • I tried the same design as above with red color instead, although here I painted the silver glitter creating french tips. I did not use any tool, just my hands to paint these in careful strokes.

Nails with Maybelline GlitterMania2


Nails with Maybelline GlitterMania4


  • Monochrome look!! Keep the silver glitter as base and paint black at the edges, giving a twist to french tips. Simple, classy and elegant !

Nails with Maybelline GlitterMania5


Nails with Maybelline GlitterMania7


  • Below is polka dots inspired nails, Apply any lighter colour base coat, here I have used yellow which is bright and add silver glitter as dots.

Nails with Maybelline GlitterMania8


Nails with Maybelline GlitterMania9


Now here is one handy tip. It is hard to remove the glitter paint from your nails and is rather messy while rubbing it off. An easy way to do it is to dip the cotton in nail color remover solution and place it on your nails for two minutes before you rub it off. You can also tie the cotton swab on the top of your nails using a small rubber band. After this, all it takes is one swipe to clean your nails.

Check this space for more Nail art designs and ideas!

 Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful 🙂
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