Bangalore Fashion Week Day-1

For the past week, I had a wonderful opportunity to attend Bangalore Fashion Week! This is my first time and I got to cover the whole event. The experience was just amazing – the costumes, interactions with designers and showstoppers were just mind blowing. Here, I share with you some of the amazing moments!

1. The first day of Bangalore Fashion Week saw a mix of upcoming talent and veterans showcasing their collections. There were five shows and the opening show was by the students from DREAM ZONE fashion school. I loved the freshness in the designs of the budding designers.
Bangalore Fashion

Bangalore Fashion1

Bangalore Fashion2

Bangalore Fashion3


What I liked about this show: They had a mix of Indian and western outfits and thankfully the men were not ignored. There was an exciting collection for the men too!
2. Nasim Yalgar: She was one of the top finalists from fashion guru 2014(Goa) and her collection had some of the most gorgeous jackets and skirts in trendy colors and jazzy prints.The designs had lot of variety,ranging from easy flowing gowns to short casual dresses. The use of colors in her collection was extremely generous. She used the colors right with a combination of a few multicolored and a few single colored outfits that looked beautiful and elegant.
Bangalore Fashion4
Bangalore Fashion5
Bangalore Fashion6
Bangalore Fashion7
Bangalore Fashion8
What I liked about this show: I must say, the white dresses stole the show. They were elegant and so much wearable outside the ramp too. Also the prints on the jackets were extremely eye pleasing. Besides the outfits, I loved the choreography of the show. It was brilliant and the models were peppy and interactive with audience.
I got a chance to have a tete-a-tete with Nasim Yalgar and here is an excerpt.
Interaction with the designer:

Bangalore Fashion9

TEC: What was the experience like to work for Bangalore fashion week?
Nasim Yalgar: It was great. This is my second time here, first was competition. The response from audience is great. Its a great platform to reach out to other designers and buyers.
TEC: Which is your favorite color for the season?
Nasim Yalgar: I believe in using multicolur, I can’t really pick one.
3. Arshi Jamal: Arshi has graduated from IMI,Switzerland and used to primarily design for his family and friends in his adolescence. He turned his passion into profession after his first show Shimmer at Lucknow. He has been a part of Bangalore fashion week, Pune fashion week, Ahmadabad fashion week, Kolkata Couture week and Goa Couture week to name a few.
His collection is called AARZOO-Flights of fantasy. As the name signifies ,Aarzoo is the designer’s endeavor to recreate fantasy and bring it to the realms of reality. The collection showcases both men and women attires and has a single color as the common feature — fawn teamed up with other colors such as red, maroon, black to name a few.The entire collection is ethnic coupled with avant garde styling. 

Bangalore Fashion12Bangalore Fashion10

Bangalore Fashion13Bangalore Fashion14




Bangalore Fashion15
Ruslaan Mumtaz

Among all the fashion frenzy, I got a chance to talk with the showstopper, Ruslaan Mumtaz. Here is a peek of what we spoke about:
Interaction with the Showstopper, Ruslaan Mumtaz: 

Bangalore Fashion16
And yay, I got a selfie with him!

 TEC: Acting or modelling, which one do you like the most?

Ruslaan Mumtaz: For me acting comes first. Walking on ramp or whatever I do, I act that way. Even in real life we play one or other role.

TEC: What is your fashion statement?
Ruslaan Mumtaz: Wearing comfortable clothes and being confident is my fashion style. If wearing orange pants makes you comfortable just go ahead!

TEC: Which fashion designer do you like most to work with?
Ruslaan Mumtaz: As I have been showstopper for Arshi Jamal thrice. It has been great working with him and wearing his designs. We have a good bond with each other.

TEC: What’s your views on Bangalore? Which is your favorite hangout place?
Ruslaan Mumtaz: I love Bangalore! the place is clean and green and I wish to stay here for longer. I hope I get chance to work in south Indian cinema. My favorite place is UB city.

4. Michel Salins: 

Michel’s collection had a mix of the fifties and the seventies fashion. Reworking a decade is not new to fashion industry. We could see the Lego head guy printed on pants and dresses. Those prints are used on jackets, skirts and dresses and looked really beautiful. Amping up the drama were pleats and draped necklines. They added to the stylish dimension of the Silhouettes reminding the styles of red carpet of the 50’s and 70’s.

Bangalore Fashion17

Bangalore Fashion18

Bangalore Fashion19

Bangalore Fashion20

Bangalore Fashion21

Bangalore Fashion22

Bangalore Fashion23

What I liked about this show: Her collection had en effortless look, which looks and makes one feel comfortable. The white pepulum crop-top with blue hot pants were super trendy. There were some interesting long gowns too.

Interaction with the designer:

TEC: What was inspiration behind this show?
Michel Salins: In terms of inspiration, I pick on the elements of life. Here I have picked up the lego guy which everyone can relate to universally. Lego has been used as prints and I make sure to design clothes which are wearable. I have also used flowers but I have under toned them from big pop up flowers.TEC: Which is the color of the Season?
Michel Salins: I’m wearing black today, but I want to speak for the work shown today. So I would pick purple.

TEC: What’s your fashion statement?
Michel Salins: Wearing what is comfortable and enjoying what you wear!

Rehane: Rahane is known for her expressive use of colors and texture in every collection. She has been a popular feature in all the prestigious fashion weeks like Wills India Life Style and Lakme Fashion week every season. She has dressed up some of the biggest and best names in show business like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Shruti Hassan and Shilpa shetty.This is her collection for Spring/Summer 2015 which came from a vintage kutch blouse inspired by an obscure village in Gujarat. The ornamentation on silhouette are edgy, modern and fun. This collection is designed for beaches and is all about colors and a cool summer vibe.

Bangalore Fashion24
Image Courtesy : Dk Fotographan
Bangalore Fashion25
Image Courtesy : Dk Fotographan
Bangalore Fashion26
Image Courtesy : Dk Fotographan
Bangalore Fashion27
Image Courtesy : Dk Fotographan
Bangalore Fashion28
Image Courtesy : Dk Fotographan
Bangalore Fashion29
Image Courtesy : Dk Fotographan
Bangalore Fashion30
Image Courtesy : Dk Fotographan
Her second store is scheduled to open in Chennai. Her Collection is not only in India but all over the Middle East and America as well.

Other Fashion show details will be up on the blog soon.. Stay Tuned!

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful 🙂
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