Arjun Khanna’s show at Bangalore Fashion Week – Day 3

Even though Arjun Khanna’s designs are only for Men, it was one of the most awaited events in this season of Bangalore Fashion Week . The passion for great style is showcased in his designs each time. Whether it is his inspired clothing collections, his enviable stable of classic bikes, or the vintage curios, Khanna sees all his creations through the prism of an impeccable style.

Over the last two decades, Khanna has played a vital role in defining Men’s fashion in India. He has effectively brought contemporary silhouettes to classic tailoring using the finest fabrics.

His Show was in association with M.A.R.D, Men against Rape and Discrimination — an initiative by Actor Farhan Akhtar along with Magic bus and Canvas Talent to bring the equality to the status of women and to give them the respect they deserve from men. This initiative is a small step towards changing the mind set of people and there by a sustained change in society

Arjun Khanna's show2
Arjun Khanna's show3
Arjun Khanna's show4
Arjun Khanna's show5
Arjun Khanna's show6
Arjun Khanna's show7
Arjun Khanna's show8
Arjun Khanna's show9


What I liked most about this show:

The best thing about the show was obviously it’s association with MARD. He had made use of a lot of black and white to stick to the cause. The biker and military looks —  two looks that we girls drool on, were just that –pretty droolworthy! The tapered and tight pants were hot too!

Interview with the Designer:

TEC: How was the experience working at Bangalore Fashion Week?
Arjun Khanna: This is my Second time at BFW, I love the hospitality more than anything else. Its a great platform and I like what I stood for today, which is MARD, the cause was very special apart from just the mustaches, Its most serious cause not only for fashion industry but all the Indian MALE.

TEC: What is your fashion statement?
Arjun Khanna: Be stylish and Be cool

TEC: What are the fabrics used in these designs? Which is your favorite?
Arjun Khanna: Most of it. Cotton to velvet, Light weight wool to leather accents.My favorites are leather jackets and also cotton jackets with leather accents. Lot of biker and military influence in this, I like the way it fits on models.
TEC: What color would you choose for this season?
Arjun Khanna: Well I would pick two of them, which I have used repeatedly which are also on leather bands.

Other Fashion show details will be up on the blog soon.. Stay Tuned!
Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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