DIY — Coconut based hair masks!

TEC has always supported going natural! I love DIYs and totally support everything that is home made, for obvious reasons! They are pure, honest and easy on pockets. Today, we bring to you an amazing no shampoo DIY which spells magic for hair! It also helps to reduce hair fall. I adopted this from my mom. I have grown up seeing her use different homemade facepacks and hairpacks.

Coconut based hair masks


We South Indians use coconut generously in our food, as it is rich in vitamin E, vitamin C and Niacin. Niacin is a magnificent vitamin which deserves a huge article in itself. In short, it locks in the moisture of skin and hair keeping them soft and supple. Apart from that here are few more uses of coconut
  • Helps lose weight
  • Keeps cancer at bay
  • Good for postmenopausal women since it induces estrogen.
By the way, coconut tree is also called “kalpa vriksha” meaning a tree which brings grants wishes .. and if you wish for lovely skin, beautiful hair and a healthy lifestyle, it definitely fulfills your wishes!
Salon hair spa gives your hair a temporary life and might cost you more than you mean to spend. Do try this DIY spa/treatment which costs nothing and works like a charm!
Lets begin now
  • yogurt (optional)
How to Make :
Firstly, we need grated coconut. One whole coconut or depending upon the length of your hair. I have shoulder length hair and I need one whole coconut. once its grated ,run it in the mixer to make a paste. Now take a muslin cloth and squeeze the paste to extract the milk out of it. now take a sauce pan pour this milk into a sauce pan and heat it on a low heat while stirring it the whole time until the consistency becomes thick. once it’s done, it’s ready to be applied to your scalp and along the length of your hair.
Coconut based hair masks1
I personally feel applying little warm solution works better. If you wish to add yogurt ,you can add 3 tbs. After the application cover your hair with a shower cap. This helps the hair absorb the goodness of the coconut milk and opening up the pores hair follicle. Leave for about an hour or two..then wash it off with mild shampoo.
Coconut based hair masks2
You can also make extra mask solution and store it in a freezer to use next time.As always, a one time application will not be enough.Make sure you use this regularly!
As we already have the coconut milk, we can extend the hairmask to get rid of grey hair too. All you need is:


Coconut milk(Made above)
Amla- 3 nos
Methi- hand fullCoconut based hair masks3
Coconut based hair masks5
How to Make:
keep the extracted coconut milk in a bowl, grate amla run it in the mixer to make paste of it with very little water also grind methi leaves in the mixer. Now put all three together and boil it in a sauce pan for a while until its little thick. Now its ready to apply. Apply and leave it for an hour and then wash it off with mild shampoo.
It is the Natural way to avoid grey hair and keep your hair the pitch black you want it to be!
Watch this space for more healthy ideas!
Stay healthy, Stay Beautiful 🙂
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