Styling up a JumpSuit

I always wanted to do a post on jumpsuits and finally, I bring it for you today. Jumpsuits, in my opinion, are extremely under-explored attires. I love how stylish and comfortable they are.
But here is the clincher. You buy a jumpsuit, and after sometime you don’t feel like wearing it over and over as it is just the same one piece jumpsuit and one does not really like repeating the same dress over and over. At least I don’t ! So today I come to you with simple and creative ideas to add a dash of spice in your jumpsuits that become boring after a while. This way, you don’t only add variety with just one piece of dress, you also save money. You are welcome!
For starters, this particular jumpsuit is extremely budget friendly. How you ask?
I was looking to shop for it online, and I came across this coupons site called Couponzguru from where I picked a coupon to get 300 off from Jabong. The Jumpsuit was for Rs. 999 and I got Rs. 300 off. Isn’t that cool? Couponzguru also have coupons for other sites like healthkart and Fabfurnish.
Now back to our dress! Here is what my jumpsuit looks like — plain black with no sleeves and full length. It has buttons at the front and I love the neck cut.
Styling up a JumpSuit


Styling up a JumpSuit1


Style 1 — Wear a casual and colorful T-Shirt over your jumpsuit. It gives an illusion of a t-shirt and payjama pants which are hot in trend!
Styling up a JumpSuit3


Styling up a JumpSuit2
Style 2 — Scarf It!  You can wear a stylish scarf around your neck. There are a lot of ways to tie a simple scarf and look like a diva with just a simple accessory.
Styling up a JumpSuit4


Styling up a JumpSuit5


Style 3 — Style it with a cardigan. This is my favorite look as it gives a subtle and stylish look and yet adds a zing to my jumpsuit. You can wear this to go out with your friends or over a lunch or dinner date!
Styling up a JumpSuit6


Styling up a JumpSuit7
I also would have styled it by wearing a maxi skirt, but it wasn’t handy during the shoot. But you can sure try it out and share picture with us.
Attire Details:
Jumpsuit: Jabong
T-shirt: Levi’s
Scarf: Reliance Trendz
Shades: FastTrack
Bag: Caprese
Jewellery Street Shoppping
Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful 🙂
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