DIY Beauty Oil

Every day, we follow our skin routine in the hope of achieving a beautiful supple skin. Most of us achieve the target as well but in the process, have you ever realized how many chemicals we allow on our skin? Studies suggest a whopping 118 hazardous chemicals!! Some of these chemicals are:

Sodium Laureth Sulfate- Causes kidney and respiratory diseases

Toluene – Proven harmful for the foetus

Parabens- increases risk of breast cancer

Triclosan- Causes thyroid and reproductive problems

Formaldehyde – Weakens the immune system

It is a scary thought!! It is important that we are extremely cautious towards the way we treat our body. The body as they say is a temple to our soul. It only makes sense to treat it with respect and take care of it. So we must do some research before blindly buying a product as well.

This realization forced me to think about how one can minimize the amount of creams that we use on a daily basis and yet have a wonderful and healthy skin.

This is why I have come up with what I call the “Magic oil” which I have been using for a while now.

It is a healthy DIY Concoction of Almond and Rose Essential Oils that are completely natural and chemical free and have been proved to be really effective.

Before we move on, let us look at the wonderful qualities that the ingredients hold in them

Almond oil:



Almond Oil is a wonderful moisturizer. It has high lubricating properties and locks in the moisture of your skin. Almond oil is loaded with all the essential vitamins like Vitamins A, D and E. It works brilliantly as a dark circle remover. However, those with sensitive skin and acne prone skin are not advised to use almond oil as a scrub.

Rose Essential Oil:Beauty Oil1

Since time immemorial, Roses have signified love and simplicity. The oil derived from fresh beautiful rose petals through steam distillation is incredible for skin. Rose Oil feels like a blessing on the skin and makes our skin soft supple, healthy and gorgeous. Here is a list of the numerous skin benefits from rose oil:

It is good as an astringent

Excellent for dry skin

Good for oily skin as a toner

Tightens the pores

Uplifts the sagging skin

Rich in vitamin c

Erases age spots

Anti-bacterial that helps reduce acne

Helps get good sleep


This is how you make the “Magic Oil” blend:

Preparation time: 5 minutes


  • Sweet Almond oil – 1 tablespoon
  • Rose essential oil – 15 drops
  • Dropper bottleBeauty Oil2

In a dropper bottle put one tablespoon of sweet almond oil. Add 15 drops of rose essential oil into it. Close the lid and give it a nice shake. That is it!   Apply this mixture on your face in circular motions and around your eyes as well. I would suggest people with sensitive skin to do a patch test along your jaw line and wait for 24 hours before using it on your face.

The best time to apply this oil is in the night just before you retire to bed. You can also use it half an hour before a shower. It reduces sunburn, fights against wrinkles and age spots.

As is the belief in TEC, apply this blend regularly for minimum of a month to see its benefits. Also, we would love to hear about your experience after using the “Magic Oil”! So don’t forget to share!

Watch this space for more healthy ideas!

Stay healthy, Stay Beautiful 🙂

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