L’oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti Imperfections Whitening Cream for 20+ Review and Swatches

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Our skin needs nourishment according to our age. It is a pretty obvious fact that seemed to have been ignored and thankfully L’oreal seems to have realized that. L’oreal  has made it easy for us to pick the cream based on our age group! Isn’t it awesome to have a cream catering to your own age group? They have presented three products for three different age groups that is age 20+, 30+ and 40+.

Since I fall under 20 plus age group I used and shall be reviewing the L’oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti Imperfections Whitening Cream for 20+.



Product Description:

L’oreal Paris skin perfect Anti-imperfections+ whitening cream age 20+ removes all the imperfection caused by stress, pollution and other daily aggression. It enhances the colour of your skin by making your skin oil, marks and pimple free.


L’oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti Imperfections Whitening Cream comes in 2 different types of packaging — tub (Jar) and tube. The Tube is priced at Rs 99 for 18g which is pretty travel friendly. I, however, have bought the Tub, which has a white base covered with a cap dull golden in color. When you twist open the cap, you see a plastic shield with a holding knob. This avoids any leakages of the product. The tub is heavier than the cream inside that makes it a tad bit difficult to carry it around.


My Take on the Product:

The Cream is white in color with a tinge of light pink to it. The consistency of the product is neither too runny nor too thick. It has a smooth and soft texture and is easy to smear it across the skin. It has a pleasant floral smell which doesn’t last too long.


Apply it on face and neck in circular motion after cleansing your skin. It absorbs well into the skin. It hides the blemishes and acne marks by giving a flawless look. It has a matte finish after application.

I do not agree with brands naming their products as “whitening products”.  Please do not ever expect whitening cream will change your color pigmentation, but it just helps improve the quality of your skin. In this case, since it lightens the acne marks and blemishes after using it for few weeks your skin will look brighter.

It has SPF 21 that protects the skin against UV rays, which is good as the summer has begun already! It includes three essential vitamins which are required for healthy hand even skin tone — Vitamin B3, C and E.



If you do not blend it well on skin it leaves white patches. I also noticed how a few drops of water on your face after application can ruin the whole look.

I have a combination skin and this product worked good on me.
Price: INR 325 for 50g

Availability: Easily available in all leading stores and online stores.

  • Specially designed for the women of 20 age group
  • It protects from Sun rays by having 21 SPF
  • Contains three beauty Vitamins
  • It hides spots, blemishes and gives you oil free shine on your look
  • Price is very Reasonable


  • The tub package is not very travel friendly, hence might need to but the tube one for that.
  • It gives a patchy look if not blended well, like all other skin whitening creams.
  • Might not be suitable for dry skin

TEC Verdict: 4/5
Will I buy this again? Yes, as the effects on the skin is quite good and is best suitable as a daily cream. I suggest you buy the 18g pack to check if suits your skin.

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful 🙂

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