Rene Furterer Naturia Gentle Balancing Shampoo Review

I think I have been pretty vocal about my love for my hair in this blog. I love my hair and want them to be healthy, shining and obviously clean! I keep searching for good shampoo products that can help me maintain my hair.A few days back, I got the sample of Rene Furterer Naturia shampoo. This company is present in a lot of countries around the world and is now being launched for the first time in India. The product claims to be completely natural and I love trying natural products. I was pretty excited to try this shampoo ! So how was my experience? Read on!

Furterer Naturia

Product Description : This is what the introduction of the product had to say in its statement :
Using unadulterated natural extracts and essential oils is what makes Rene Furterer different from others. The products don’t just provide an outer shine to dazzle eyes, but work on the hairroots and scalp. They provide right moisturizing to the scalp and high strength to the hair roots.
 Naturia gentle balancing shampoo restores softness and lightness to hair while respecting the ideal balance of the scalp.
Direction to Use: Apply to wet hair. Lather and Rinse thoroughly. Frequent use. This shampoo can be used as an alternative to treatment shampoo.
Furterer Naturia1
Packaging: The shampoo comes in a tube which is fairly handy and light.  The problem with tube packaging is that it runs the risk of getting squeezed in case a heavier object is placed on it. Hence it might not be a good travelling companion.

My take on the product: The first time I washed my hair with this product, my hair turned frizzy which could not be tamed even after applying a hair serum. However, I had to keep patience because a change of shampoo might not always be welcomed by the hair. I was right about that. After some time, I could feel that my hair was softer. By the next wash, my hair stopped being frizzy and I started being happy. Also there is one amazing point that I noticed about this shampoo. After every hair wash with my usual shampoo, my hair fall at the rate of a dime a dozen. With Rene’s Furterer, I realized that my hair fall has visibly reduced, at least immediately after washing. This fact came as a pleasant surprise to me.  Furterer Naturia2
Coming to the other facets of the product, it does not have any fragrance or I can say it smells of grass. I would like to believe that this is so because the product has less chemicals and made of natural extracts. Maybe because of the same reason, the shampoo lathers poorly but does make my scalp clean.
Price: sampler
Availability:  You can check here
  • Hair feels softer after every wash
  • Does not trigger hair fall
  • Is mild in nature
  • Lathers poorly
  •  Product drips from the packaging.
TEC Verdict: 3.7/5
Will I buy this again? Yes, I will. If it continues to make my hair soft and controls hair fall, then I will definitely buy this product!
Keep it Stylish, Stay Beautiful!
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