Summer Styles — Part 2

The last time I made a post on my floral outfit that could be worn to office, I had also promised to put up a post about my floral dress which can be worn to brunches or even parties! I usually keep my promises. So I bring to you another part to our summer style series. If you missed the earlier post, here is the link.

As you can see, my summer floral dress is pretty and feminine . The dress is surprisingly very light on pock Summer Styles — Part 2 ets and yet ends up making you look and feel like a million bucks!

The dress is above knee length with layered flares at the bottom which gives a teenage look, haha! It also has a cool belt that is made out of cloth.

In the summers, it is usually not a good idea to keep your hair open especially if you are outside. Not only does it make you sweat more, the sweat in turn makes the hair oilier than its normal cycle.




As the dress is already bright in color, I balanced out by opting for nude wedges!



I also wore this dress to a disc but chose to wear a flat bellies instead of wedges as I had to dance whole night long. See one dress many occasions! So buy a floral dress which you can wear to brunches or even night parties.


But since I hate wearing  the same dress again and again, I came up with a little tweak. If you have a dress with belt, try changing them to get a new look. After all accessories play a vital role in your style.
I just took a red satin ribbon and tied it at the back! The idea here is to not limit yourself with your dress!  Experiment, mix and match — see what works! Let your imagination run like a wild child and see what the child gets you. Variety makes your wardrobe look richer —  you don’t have to buy a new dress every time for variety.
 summer style
summer style1

The dress or shoes didn’t cost me much nor have I used major accessories. You just need to pick up the right dress and  you are good to go for this summer. I suggest you avoid black or dark colored dresses during day time.

Attire Details:

Dress by Dressberry

Shoes Tresmode

Watch by Fasttrack

Let me know what your dress style is for this summer! Stay tuned for more Summery posts 😀

Keep it Stylish, Stay Beautiful!

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