Uber Beauty Salon Experience and Review!

Right in the center of the poshest location of Bangalore stands Uber –a newly opened salon. Uber welcomes you with a cute winking face on its label, which automatically makes it a happy place. Entering it will make you happier. We were at Uber to get some luxurious service and to get to know the place. How was it? Read in to know more.

Between the sips of a relaxing green tea, Neha Ahuja, the Marketing director of Uber talked me through what makes Uber stand out from the rest of the crowd. “Uber is a blend of retail and service” She tells me. “All the products are paraben and Gluten free. The pH levels are low and it is one of the favourite brand of many celebrities. While designing the store we have kept Bangalore’s garden city theme on mind.” She says.uber beauty1

A look around the store justifies Neha’s idea. There was a serenity and softness to the look of the store. The walls were flanked with bright green leaves and they were my favourite part of the store. After all it made a lovely background for pictures! The lobby had a plush white sofa and towards the left was the retail section. All the Uber in-house signature products were displayed in pretty jute baskets and placed over a teak wood table. Towards the corner of the retail area was the nail section with a wonderful and wide range to choose from. Towards the right was their service section that covered everything from hair dressing areas, a manicure and pedicure section to private rooms for hair spa and facials.

uber beauty2

uber beauty3

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uber beauty5

Neha then invited us to try a few of their many services. Their services list were in a touch screen tablet and not just any booklet. They sure know to make full use of technology. I chose the hydrating facial while our editor chose the pedicure. 

 Here is what she had to say about the service.
uber beauty6
About the service

I entered the pedicure area and was introduced to a smiling Asha. Asha quickly got down to work. Now hygienically, I have a clean pair of feet. But we all accept that feet are the most abused part of our bodies.They manage our weight,they are covered in tight shoes and even uncomfortable heels at times. First things first. The chair which I was supposed to sit in was actually a massage chair and Asha was sweet enough to let me control the mode. So while she cleaned my feet and massaged them, the chair massaged my body. It’s a good life!

The pedicure procedure was by the book which involved dipping the feet in warm water, shaping and filing the nails, removing the cuticles, scrubbing, massaging and so on. All the products were Uber’s own and I found that pretty impressive. Asha did a lovely job in removing the dead cells from my feet and I have a lot of them. Over all it was a great half an hour which ended with Asha chasing me down the lobby as I was an impatient customer who could not wait for her nail colour to dry down. Again she was gracious enough to re-apply the popping pink colour on my toes. Full marks to hospitality!!

uber beauty7
My Experience with Facial:
They have  private rooms for facials/massages where clients can relax without being disturbed. When I entered the room, my beautician came in with a broad smile asking me to change into comfortable clothes. As I was changing, I looked around the room. It was all white and clean and not to forget the aroma which came from there scented candles. I knew I will have some stress free relaxing session.
uber beauty8

My skin is extremely sensitive and turns and stays red with mere waxing.This makes me sceptical about getting facials done as I am often not sure how the products and creams used by the parlor would behave on my skin. So I asked my beautician about their facial routine and she told me that they use all Uber products which are organic in nature and contains no harmful chemicals. I was a bit relived!

She started with a soft massage,which made me feel super comfortable and my body loosened up. she cleansed my face, gave steam and started with scrub; here she was very gentle as she affirmed that my skin is indeed sensitive. And then followed removal of white heads and a luxurious massage encouraging a complete blood circulation on my face. Finally she applied a face mask and while it was drying she gave me a good hand massage. She covered my face,neck, and shoulders and let me lay still for a while. I totally recommend this facial to you. I was pampered enormously. By the end of it I felt completely stress free and relaxed.

TEC Verdict:

Ambience: 5/5

Hospitality: 5/5

Pricing: 4/5

 Over All: 4.7/5
uber beauty9

About Uber

Uber Beauty Products India Pvt. Ltd. is the Master Franchise in India for Medichem International owning the Uber Brand. Uber Beauty Products India will offer a complete range of skin and hair care products made from exotic natural ingredients. Also, Uber Beauty Products India plans to sub franchise multiple Unisex Salons to offer high-end beauty/skin/hair therapies using Uber products.

The company envisions itself to open 600 stores and salons across India. Globaly Uber Beauty products has its presence across various countries like Canada, UK, Dubai, London and Australia.

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