ELLE Carnival For A Cause!

On Sunday, when the clouds over Bangalore came together for a pleasant afternoon, the people of Bangalore came together for ELLE Carnival for a cause – a fund raising event for breast cancer. Breast cancer has been detected as a number one threat to women’s health, even before cervical cancer and it is important that every woman , be it young or old, working in office or a home maker, mother or no , should go for an annual health check-up. The annual ELLE carnival is the reminder to all the women of this important fact. However, ELLE made sure that this reminder is made in the most fun way possible.ELLE Carnival

The “carnival” was a mixed bag of all that is fun and fantastic. To begin with, it had the clothes! The outfits were donated by well-known designers and brands from all over the country and were being sold at slashed prices – now this is what I call a win-win situation. Elle made sure that your fashion diary was complete with perfection to the tee! Hence the designer outfits were accompanied by some lovely pair of shoes and accessories. 

ELLE Carnival2

ELLE Carnival3

ELLE Carnival4

Besides shopping and socializing, there was also a live band and some other pretty interesting corners. My favorite was obviously the manicure corner.  I sat down for a little colourful moment and ended up getting a lovely shade of red and gold on my nails.For those who believe in mysticism, there was a face reader and a tarot card reader as well! The event was not called a “carnival” for nothing!

ELLE Carnival5



ELLE Carnival7


While there was life and energy oozing out from every corner of the room, no one forgot the one important reason everyone was there for. All the proceedings from the event was to go to Tata Memorial Services that help in the Cancer Treatment of the under privileged women.

On the same topic, I had a chance to speak to Archana Pillai, the VP of ELLE. “ELLE is a magazine that communicates to women. We should therefore talk about the issues that are relevant to women today”. She told me. “Women’s health was an issue that is highly ignored. A family is comprised of everybody doing their role. No body highlights the fact that women’s health needs to be safeguarded. Also women put themselves last. It is always ‘First my Husband and Children, my needs come last’. The reason we do the family format is because we need to communicate it to the whole family that the health of the woman is important. Many husbands tell me that ELLE Carnival is a reminder that I need to remind my wife of her annual check-up.”

About Elle Carnival:

Through its Fashion join hands against breast cancer initiative, ELLE augments work in the area of breast health under the auspices of Ogaan Cancer Foundation, which supports the women cancer initiative – Tata Memorial Hospital.

Fashion Join hands against breast cancer is ELLE magazine’s initiative to work with members of the fashion fraternity who donate creations, which will be retailed through the carnivals. Participating designers and brands include Eina Alhulwalia, Masaba, Da Milano, Gaurav Gupta, Estee Lauder and Forest Essentials. Along with silent auction featuring designer merchandise from prestige brands like Bvlgari, Tod’s, Gucci Louis Vuitton was also held at the do.

Three fund raising events have been planned over the next 2 months across three metros, Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai. While the Delhi event took place on April 5th, the carnival will happen in Mumbai on May 9th.

Elle carnival for a cause is a unique way to raise funds, since the designer-wear is priced under Rs 5000 enabling a wider audience to contribute and be a part of the initiative. Along with great discounts are available on high street fashion brands, beauty products and super stylish accessories.

About Breast Cancer:

ELLE Carnival8


Statistics show that life style changes increase our chances to develop breast cancer, but early detection greatly improves survival rates, and awareness is our biggest weapon.

Factors that increase risk include:

  • Early Marache, late menopause
  • Having children after age of 30 or not having children at all
  • Limited or no breast feeding
  • Obesity, Lack of exercise
  • Regular intake of alcohol
  • Smoking

How to catch in time:

  • Self-breast exam – monthly from age 20
  • Clinical breast exam – once every year for women above 34, more often for high risk group.
  • Screening Mammography – Can discover a lump 2 years before it is felt

As we moved towards the end of the event, it made me slow down and ponder. Usually, we always think that something as major as cancer can never happen to us .It may happen to a friend’s friend or a friend’s mother’s friend or someone else from our out of the reach network. But we need to be more careful about our bodies.

As a woman, through this article, I want to reach out to you, my reader and urge you to linger over this thought. We hope and pray that no wrong happen to us and our families and just to be sure, I would request you to go for an annual check-up yourself and take along the wonderful women in your life you care about. I know I will do so too!

Stay Stylish, Be Beautiful!

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