Unboxing of April MSM Beauty Box!


There is a sweet trend these days — A bunch of pretty cosmetics packed in a cute box, delivered at your home step. Sometimes I think, if given a choice between a lot of money and a lot of cosmetics goodies, I will choose the latter. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen the number of times I have swooned over a Fab Bag. This time I wanted to do something different. Hence I ordered the MSM Box. Was it swoon-worthy, you ask? It could have been better. Read on!


I chose the MSM box worth Rs.499 that gave me a choice for shades of lipstick while I placed my order. The MSM box was bright and happy and pink and I opened it with a grin that touched both my ears. Unfortunately, in no time, it turned into a frown. The Tiens Nail Paint bottle was broken and had covered all the contents with glitter. Bummer!

In defense of MSM brand, they have already apologized and have promised to give strong feedback to courier service. So, I looked past the broken contents and checked out the other articles.

Here is what the box contained, as the brand say “A lot in a little”:

MSM Beauty Box

1) MakeOver Lipstick (Rs 395)

 I ordered for a peach shade as I am a sucker for subtlety. It is one of my favorite colors and I plan to wear it for a brunch-like event.



2) Innisfree Face Masks (Rs 100)

It is a hydrating sheet mask that claims to leave the face feeling smooth, supple and hydrated. Now in the past I have tried homemade face masks, peel off masks and the ussual tube masks.A “sheet Mask” is something that I will try for the first time. Anything that (truthfully) promises to make my skin healthy is a good product for me. I am pretty excited to try this. Rest assured, if it is as good as it claims, you will know about it in this very blog!

nnisfree Face Masksnnisfree Face Masks2











3) KronoKare Mediterranean Citrus Shower Gel (35 ml) (Rs 105)

The product reads “SLS and Parben free” in its packaging. So far so good! I have already started using this one and I love its citrus fragrance. It makes me feel fresh and active and I am loving this product.

KronoKare Mediterranean Citrus Shower Gel


4) Niana Candles

 I am not really a romantic candle sort of a person so this one is still kept in its package. However, I am definitely in a look out for a right occasion to use this candle. It is a hand crafted aromatic candle that burns for around 4 hours. It is a Soy Candle and hence is Eco friendly and non-toxic.
5) Added Bonus 1
 Love and Joy perfume
Love and Joy perfume

This is a surprise addition and I am loving it. It came in a tiny cute bottle. The fragrance is pleasant and lasts for at least 2-3 hours. This is probably my favorite product from the whole box!

 6) Added Bonus 2
 Au Bon Pain Gift Voucher for a Coffee and Cream Cheese Bagel
 Now this is what I call awesomeness! Free Food? Of course yes! Au Bon Pain is one of the few joints I visit quite often. Oh and while I was trying to check out for last date on the voucher, I realised there is a Rs.250 complimentary voucher from The Coffee bean and Tea leaf too, which was stuck with this. The coffee lover inside me has got her grin back!
Although the first experience of my MSM box was not exactly a “Wow I love it” moment, I am surely looking forward for my next edition. In the meanwhile, I would love to hear about your MSM unboxing experience. What did you get? What did you like? Did you get a coffee voucher too? Tell me! I love hearing from you guys!
Keep it stylish, Stay beautiful!

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