Unboxing of April FabBag

Fab bag has been a popular brand among the many beauty boxes in the market. I have been subscribing to the Fab bag for quite some time now and I thought now is the right time to do a full post on it. There is a first time for everything, right? There are one too many beauty bags and boxes today and I am reviewing them so that you can make an informed choice about them. Here we go!


This month’s theme is “The Nine to 9” and the bag is filled with some fun baths, playful makeup, must-need skincare and sexy hair products. The Bag has white and black Zebra print which looks elegant and lovely. This is a second time when I have received an animal printed fab bag. Also worth mentioning is the quality of the bag — it definitely is fab! You can actually carry it around like a clutch, matching your outfit. I took this bag along when I wore a black jumpsuit.

  • Malavara Shower Gel and Body Lotion Duo: I received this combo in lime veltiver flavor. It has a refreshing fragrance. I just love its citrusy-fruity fragrance. This 60 ml sample bottle will easily last for up to 15- 20 usages.DSC_0078
    Malavara Shower Gel price is Rs.300 for 60ml.DSC_0079
    Malavara Body Lotion price is Rs.390 for 60ml.
  • Palladio Herbal Lipstick: Most of the early birds got a blush and I received this Palladio herbal lipstick. I had already received this lipstick in the last fab bag as well. I was not very happy about it. Or maybe I was not very lucky this time. The Lipstick comes in a silver metal with a retractable cap.The base is transperant that shows the shade of the lipstick.DSC_0075
    Palladio Herbal Lisptick Price: Rs 1000
  • Iraya Anti Acne Gel:  Mine isn’t an acne prone skin. However, one tiny pimple is enough to set me palipitating. And thus, this Gel is definitely a useful product for me. It comes in a frosty glass jar with a silver cap. The gel has a jam kind of texture and has spicy fruity-fragnance. Pretty interesting I say!DSC_0073
    DSC_0069 copy
    Iraya Anti Acne Gel price is Rs.325 for 50g.
  • Denman Black Hair Brush: I really like this hair brush as it removes tangles easy. It gives lots of volume to the hair as it has wider teeth. It’s a full size brush and I really look forward to using it on a regular basis.DSC_0083
    Denman Hair Brush price is Rs.475

Lastly, the April Fab Bag contains a monthly Fab Post Magazine which contains all the products information along with some celebrity beauty tips.


Monthly Bag Price: Rs 599

Overall the bag contained a variety of product range covering skin care, bath and make up and its worth the buy!

Keep it Stylish and stay Beautiful!

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