Styling an Ethnic Wear!

I am sure you know the four seasons of India — Summer Season, Winter Season, Rainy Season and my personal favourite , the wedding season. I love the wedding season ! I love to dress up and lap up all the compliments that come in my way.  But  like every season, this one has its good and bad days. Good ones are obviously those when you know what you want to wear, you have it all figured out and life is good. The bad ones , however, are those when you stand in front of your wardrobe, eyeing every Salwar piece you own and whine , “But I wore this in so and so’s wedding and I want a change”,  and life, my dear readers, does not look like a bright and easy journey. To save myself and my family from my whining, I am geared up for this wedding season with 2 variations of the same dress. TEC always tries to help you save your or your parents’ hard earned money by suggesting variations with the same outfit — yes, we are good people that way! Anyway, getting on with the post —

Last year, I wore a Lehanga in south Indian Langa-Dhawani style for a wedding. You can check that here. This time, I will show you how I style my Langa(Skirt) Dhawani( Dupatta) in a different way.

This is a usual langa dhawani but I have worn it as a high waist long skirt and dupatta to one side. I got the dress material and got it stitched. This makes it budget friendly and it is my own design. I did not see a point in spending a lot over a brand for something that I can come up with.

Here is my Langa Dhawani worn in different way, you can also wear it like a saree; that is another variation:


I am wearing pure rouge shade red lipstick from Lóreal star collection range and Maybelline Black eye liner. The earrings are street shopped and since they are quite heavy in their look, I struck a balance by keeping a bare neck.


I have matched the color of the outfit with pink and gold bangles.  I like to keep my hair lose for a traditional attire like sarees and this. It also works to cover my bare neck.


Here is the variation I spoke of earlier. I have matched my cute pink crop top with the long skirt. It gives an Indo western look and I have tried to lean towards the “Indo” of the Indo-western by sticking to traditional jewellery.


I am wearing my hair in a puff that is secured with a hair clip. This particular hair style suits well for ethnic wear.I have applied Maybelline 14 hour eternal rose shade lipstick and kept light/subtle make up on.

The pearls that I have worn are quite special to me. These were given to me by Mom few years ago. I remember disliking them then. I am glad , however, that I kept them all these years because they are certainly pretty and are proving to be quite handy for this outfit. You see, mothers are always right. It just takes us a few years to realise that!


For this variation, I have  silver and pink bangles as my accessory as they match with my  pearls and the top.


Before signing off, I would ask you to take a look at your wardrobe and see what can you mix and match. If you have any questions, I would be glad to help. Tell me if you liked my outfits. I am always open to feedback and suggestion. See you in the next turn of our fashion journey together!

Keep it Stylish and stay Beautiful!

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10 thoughts on “Styling an Ethnic Wear!

  1. Looking Gorgeous Ashwini…. Thanks for sharing this traditional yet gorgeous pics…
    Keep up the good work


  2. I usually like your styling. Im not gr8 with styles, but i feel this skirt looks more south Indian and is not gelling with the top. However, the concept of Indo-Western is gr8. Also, all other blogs which i read 🙂
    How about a long skirt with wrinkles (i dont know wat u exactly call that :)) with a western kinda top.


    1. Thanks for letting us know your views Murthy 🙂 Yes this skirt is south Indian style and I have tried out something new here by matching with crop top:D You could definitely try long skirts with crushed material with a western top!


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