The Stylish Duo – May Edition

A few weeks ago,on Facebook, I had announced the beginning of a new series. TEC will be featuring one stylish couple or individual and decoding their style so that you can draw your daily inspiration. This feature is in line with the belief that TEC stands for — Every day people and everyday fashion can be as amazing as celebrity fashion. So without further ado, here is our first couple as the part of May Fashion Feature.

If you are wondering what to wear for a date, look no further. I am here to dress you up, prep you up and make you look and feel wonderful! Let’s Begin!

The first thing to wear? Your confidence! If you were to listen to me, I would say – never take it off! And on a special date it can be the most important accessory you can carry. However, we move on and talk about our couple for today.

First off, meet Shylaja. She works in the corporate world and juggles her career and personal life, like most of us. I love how her sense of styling is impeccable, easy and comfortable. Talk about being the master of all!

Next up, say hello to Sharath. He is a software engineer by profession and loves to experiment with his style. I love this aspect of Sharath. In my opinion, men need to be open to exploring a lot of options and color combinations. Contrary to the popular belief, you do have a lot to choose from, Guys! You need to look harder — or maybe just follow my advice! 🙂


Shylaja is wearing a BodyCon White dress which has a stunning neck design. When I asked her that why did she choose to have almost no accessory with this outfit, here is what she had to say. “I wanted to look simple yet classy with my ‘less is more’ look for the date”.


Shylaja may have ditched her accessories, but I loved how she matched her nail color with her red shoes/pumps. And she is combining the Red and White classic combination — no less! Her statement ring , studded with white stones, ups the bar really high!

Taking a cue from Shylaja, this is what I suggest. If you are subtling it down in one aspect, bring out another! Shylaja is perfectly balancing her look with minimal accessory, bright nail colors and a beautiful ring!

And there! She has a perfect look to go on a date for.


Lets see what’s in store for the guys, shall we? Sharath is wearing a blue formal shirt and black pants. Blue definitely is a right color choice for a guy. Formals , while going for a lunch or a dinner date is an extremely classy choice!

We love the fact that he hasn’t kept the look fully formal. He has rolled up the sleeves and has worn loafers. Here is another point you should consider guys — your hair! It is very important that you take time to set your hair. You can see Sharath has gelled his hair and styled it up to make spikes.


Blue loafers matching the blue shirt and a pair of black pants with some slick hairstyle — This guy is ready for an interesting evening ahead!


Finally, we asked Shylaja and Sharath about their fashion statement. Here is what the first featured couple of TEC think about it:

Fashion for us is Less is more as simplicity brings out the best. We believe wearing something comfortable can make it easy for you to carry it off well. No matter what we wear, we wear it with confidence and heads will turn to us automatically! So the key ingredient is Confidence!


Hope you liked this feature as much as we loved putting it together for you. Was it helpful? If you know a stylish couple, or you think you have it in you to be featured here, do get in touch with us!

If you have any specific fashion/beauty request, drop a comment below and we promise we will work on it!

Keep it Stylish, Stay Beautiful!

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9 thoughts on “The Stylish Duo – May Edition

  1. This is a very nice article which emphasises on how to keep it simple and pull off any outfit with confidence.great job! Cheers! 🙂


    1. We are glad you liked the post as much as we loved putting it together! 🙂 The models sure stole the show!


  2. Simple but ppl tend to miss the details.. Nicely described..i would also love if you can give multiple options that would make right combinations for a date..


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