Iraya Pomegranate Mint Toner Review

Since the longest of times, three words — cleansing, toning and moisturising have been repetitively on the lips of every beauty expert.  As a part of daily routine, most of us clean our faces and moisturise it afterwards. However, not many of us use a toner. Personally, I would not understand why is a toner needed and hence skip the step completely. Only after I read and researched around , I understood the importance and significance of toning.

Toning helps in restoring the pH balance of the skin that rises up after we wash our faces.  It removes the extra iodine from the tap water and traces of dirt and make up that may have been left. It also closes the pores on your skin that open up after washing your face. Toning is especially important for people with oily skin as it helps in removing the excess oil.  Having known all these facts, I ended up picking Iraya’s Pomegranate and Mint toner for my daily use. Today I bring to you a review of Iraya’s Pomegranate and Mint toner to help you decide if this product is good for you or not.




Product Claims : 

A balancing tonic made with pomegranate, a powerful antioxidant that helps cell regeneration and preserves skin elasticity. Also contains Manjishtha and essential oil of Mint that rejuvenates and revives, keeping skin and looking younger.


My Take On The Product:

The first time I used this product, it stung me ever so lightly. I was not sure if toners were supposed to sting, but I got scared. However, I realised that my face felt really clean and soft after my whole CTM routine. After a regular use for a week, the pores in my chin area started to close down a bit more. Regular usage also gave my skin that healthy look that I always crave for. The stinging feeling diminished after third or fourth use . The product is yellowish in color and has a mild natural smell that I quite liked. The fragrance hardly lasted for a minute or two. I used the toner everyday after I came back from office. After washing my face, I would pat it dry and take the toner in a small cotton swab. However, you can also use it directly.  After applying it over my face, I would wait for a few minutes for my skin to absorb the product and then apply my usual moisturiser.


Fotor_143247735630463The product comes in a transparent bottle with a pump to spray the required amount. The cap was pretty tight and nothing leaked  or spilled when I carried it in my laptop bag.  So I can say with a hundred percent guarantee that it is extremely travel friendly. If you carry a big bag to office, you can keep it in your bag as well.




Price: Rs 395 for 150ml

Availability: Online sites


  • Sturdy Packaging
  • Pleasant smell
  • Removes the extra dirt and grime from the skin


  • Stings a tiny bit

TEC verdict: 4.5/5

Will I buy it again : My journey with toners have just begun. So I would like to try a few different toners. Having said that, I found nothing to complain about in the product above and honestly, I would not mind buying it again!

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)
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3 thoughts on “Iraya Pomegranate Mint Toner Review

  1. Nice review dear…i used iraya acne gel and loved t, but this toner might not be my thing as you mentioned it stings and i have super sensitive skin…


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