Max road to Paris!

In confessions of a Shopaholic — the movie, Rebecca Bloomwood speaks the mind of all shopping crazy people around the world. “When I shop, the world becomes a better place.”  Yes, Rebecca! Truer words have never been spoken. When I shop, my eyes sparkle, I have spring on my feet and a song on my lips — the world is a better place indeed!

Recently, Max gave me a perfect opportunity to enjoy myself through its “Road to Paris” contest. I get to shop, and if I win, I get to go to the world’s fashion capital. I was dashing through the store like a little girl. I wanted everything! I wanted to mix and match and accessorize and play with colors! I wanted to create a look that defines me – I wanted to be That Elegant Chic that everyone talks about! I wanted to put my best foot forward. I had an hour time to pick what would be my street style from their collection and decide on what I thought best suited me. Do I love being a fashion blogger or what!

Here I was, in the Max Store, trying to figure out what can be the best dress that can encompass all my demands, when my eyes fell upon this pretty Purple and Pink dress. It has floral prints that are a signature summer pattern. I call such dresses my “easy” dresses. I don’t have to manage it really, It feels light on me when I wear it and suits me beautifully. This dress came with a black belt but I switched it with a yellow belt that contrasts the color of the dress and adds a splash of a different color!


Being in Bangalore means that the weather outside plays a huge role in deciding one’s outfit for the day. A true blue Banglorean is always on her feet when it comes to the weather. The weather here is like a Christopher Nolan movie. When you think you know what’s happening, you will be presented with a sudden twist. When you go out with a trendy pair of shades, the Rain Gods would decide to show up and sprinkle you with their blessings. If you decide to wear a jacket and keep an umbrella in your bag, the mighty sun with raise it’s yellow head out of the clouds and beam a lovely yellow hello at you – you can only stand there and see the tides change. With such changing weather the best outfits to choose are shorts/short dresses that can help you beat the heat and in the rainy season to avoid getting soiled clothes from splattered water and puddles.

This outfit calls for accessories that are not over the top. Rather, I wanted the accessories to make a statement of their own – I wanted them to have a class of their own. I am wearing a big dial watch that happens to be my favorite. I have teamed it up with a bunch of random bracelets. There are really lovely bracelets in the market that you can stack them up in one of your hands and let the other hand be. Personally, I love such a look!



I am wearing a brown lip color that is almost close to a nude shade. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my world where subtlety is the new loud. Here I strive to make things just about right – not over done and definitely not half baked.

Talking about baked, if you do not want to get baked under the sun, you might want to carry a high SPF sunscreen lotion with you. I am wearing one too. Besides that, I am not really wearing any Make Up.


Last but not at all the least, I have my boots on. They are not too high so they are not likely to irritate me on a hot day. I have always been a fan of how boots completely transform the look of a person and her dress. They can give you a stylish look or a biker chick look. It all depends on how you can use them! You can replace the boots with a pair of stylish flats or bellies and you are ready to hit the road for a road trip.




Thanks to Max for letting me create a street style look that I thoroughly enjoyed putting together. Do let me know what you think of it. I would love to know your kind of street style too!

Keep it stylish, Stay Beautiful! 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Max road to Paris!

  1. You have always been the “That Elegant Chic” that everybody talks about and anyone would love to become !! It can be totally seen in your style. Street style yet classy, one word – Fantabulous.


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