Rene Furterer Carthame Shampoo and Hair Mask Review

The world today is about the whole package, about perfection. We strive to have not just a good outfit or just a glowing skin, but a wholesome personality. And Hair is a major part of an impressive persona. Would you like it if you wear the best of your clothes and have frizzy, disheveled hair? I would want to think that you winced and said No!

TEC has always maintained that good hair require quite some taking care of them. We keep looking for products that promise amazing hair without sacrificing their natural health. In our quest for that magical product, we came across the combination of Rene Furterer Carthame Shampoo and Hair Mask for dry scalp sample which was sent by the brand. Was the combination any good? Read on you lovely people!


Usage and Ingredients:



My Take On The Product: 


The first thing I look in my hair after I use any new product is whether it makes my hair feel soft. With the Furterer Shampoo and mask combination, I did not complain. While my hair was in the semi dried state, I could feel the waves and softness and best part was they did not turn frizzy as they dried. I generally use a leave in potion too to avoid frizz for the whole day. Now you may say that the non-friziness is because of my leave in potion. You would be partially right there. However, if a product is too harsh on my hair, even the best leave-in potion cannot avoid my hair from looking like I just suffered an electric shock.  Thus, I give a thumbs up to this product combination.

The shampoo lathers decently well and the mask looks like mango pulp (a good healthy mango pulp) and smells quite pleasant. It is supposed to be applied on towel dried hair and washed again, so be sure to take two towels in with you.

I will however reserve my decision on its treatment for a dry scalp simply because I did not get a chance to use it more than 2 times.



Both the shampoo and the mask comes in tubes. The plastic material of the tubes was pretty stiff so although they seemed pretty sturdy, I am not a fan of tube packaging for long distance travel. Having said that, I had carried these tubes in my Laptop bag and they did not leak.  I am pretty happy with the packaging.

Price: Sample

Availability:  You can check here.


1) Smells good

2) Lathers pretty well

3) Leaves hair soft

4) Did not instigate hair fall


1) Tube packaging might not be fit for long distance travel

2) Treatment on Dry scalp is yet to be seen

TEC verdict: 4/5

Will I Buy It Again:

Yes! All in all, I am pretty happy with how my hair turned out. The product did not instigate hair fall and was quite gentle on the hair. I would call it a good investment on my hair!

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)
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