Denim with Prints!

Do you own that one dress which is gifted by someone but you are not very sure of wearing it outside. Or maybe you buy something on an impulse and later wonder, “Is this really my type?”. Recently, I was presented with an animal print dress. I’m not a great fan of Animal prints though I don’t mind it in a top or shoes. But a whole dress with just animal print is not my thing. So today I present to you on how I styled my cheetah print maxi dress.

It is a plain cheetah print sleeveless dress with a deep V neck. As I don’t like over doing on accessories, I have worn a pair of simple studs in my ear and a statement pendant neck chain. I have worn a pair of nude flat sandals which matches with this print.


ps_DSCobv9 (2)

So if you do love animal print, in this case cheetah print you are good to go with this look.But if you think you can pep it up a bit, then read on.


While I was wondering how to accessorize the outfit , I knew that a scarf was out of picture as it wouldn’t take away the attention from the dress and more over it’s summer. The thought of jackets crossed my mind as I always love wearing them. I feel a good jacket completely changes or enhances the look of an outfit. I didn’t want to style with leather jackets I had as it is not suitable for the heat. And then the magic word hit me — Denims!! The evergreen, ever fantastic in all form — whole, ripped, faded — loved and worn through generations!


I have let my hair loose and also if you observe in a few pics, I have experimented with my hair by putting the hair inside the jacket giving myself that bob cut/short hair look.


With Denims, I didn’t really like wearing my neck chain hence kept it bare. But I did not forget to wear a big dial watch.



Let confidence be your style and every outfit you wear will be a fashion statement ! This is my version of styling a maxi outfit, do let me know what you think of it!

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)
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3 thoughts on “Denim with Prints!

  1. Love the way you’ve styled the dress! & I’m a lover of denims as well. Would love to see more of it 🙂


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