Home Decor Products Haul!

This post is something different from my usual blog posts, why you ask? Because this time I focused on shopping for my home rather than myself 😀 I usually take mom out for shopping once in a while as she loves that, and we get our mother-daughter time too. But unfortunately, I’m not having much time for shopping these days which makes her upset. Now how do I cheer her? I order some pretty things online, Ta-da!

Recently we had visited mother earth store and I had seen the artisan’s work, since then I kind of have affinity  towards handcrafted items. You can read about that post here. Buying some pretty things to decorate my home was on my mind, like shop for a vase or wall hangings. I was looking for Hand crafted items and homesake.in came like a savior.

The appeal of hand crafted item lies in the fact that no two pieces are exactly the same and this makes it unique. Homesake offers unique range of handcrafted items in the categories like Royal Craft metal, table tops, antique glass craft, Jewelry etc. And navigation through each segment is very crisp and simple. Let me take you through what my shopping haul looks like:

Luster Ribbed Flower Vase: It is a lovely green color glass vase with ribbed outer part. I’m glad my Mom liked the color. With few flowers in it I’m sure it will brighten up the mood of a living room.



Midnight Sky Spiral Bead Coaster: They had some beautiful and unique coasters, I specially liked the dark knight one but since it was to make mom happy I did not order that 😀 There is so much attention to detail in this, I can only imagine how much hard work and patience would have involved for this.


Silver Star Glass Votive-Small: I know its no Diwali season, but lighting up a candle in such a Glass Votive coated with Silver from inside and Painted externally surely enhances its beauty and vintage appeal. Waiting to light them up. It also has cute white stones stuck on the outside.

Fotor_14344702457857 Fotor_143447032722445

Cerulean Blue Beads with Antique Pendant Necklet: Jewelry was my section to pick happily from, they had kundan, glass and antique jewelry. And I picked this, which has blue and antique golden beads in between. I might end up using this as mom did not like it 😀


The website has Easy Navigation, loads faster and has unique range of collection to decorate your home and hence I say you must surely check it out. The collection can be bought to decorate your home beautifully or to gift your loved ones!

Let me know if you liked my picks. This is my first time buying home decor items :)

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)
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