A shoeoholic Diary – June Edition

Last month we had featured a stylish duo on our site and many of you liked it. If you are new to my blog you can check that here. In this month’s edition, we are featuring a girl who is crazy about shoes and has her own unique style. When I got to know about her immense love for shoes, I knew I had to feature her! Today, we bring you a post where one outfit can be worn with multiple shoes that would match. This way it would help you guys to decide what kind of shoes would go well with which outfit.

Let me start off by introducing Rachana. She works in the corporate world like I do. She carries an aura with her unique style. I have seen her dress boldly and carrying it like a boss! So here I am featuring her so you could get some shoe inspiration from this lovely diva.


Rachana has worn blue jeans, white gunji top and a colorful crop jacket. With bright pink lipstick and quirky jacket, she has turned a casual look into a bold one. She has kept her neck bare and has worn a thin silver bracelet matching her silver ear cuff chain. She is also wearing a big dial watch which is my personal favorite!


Now coming to the important part of the post — Shoes!!  A pair of flats would go really well with jeans but depending on what type of top you are wearing ,you might take your pick. A white sandal would definetely go well with white top and a printed jacket.

PS_IMG_1049 PS_IMG_1055

Belly shoes are a boon to the shoe family. They are extremely comfortable and yet stylish. I can just have belly shoes (A lot of them) and be happy with them for the rest of my life! Here she has worn a peep toe belly shoe with prints on it, which is going really well with the jacket prints. I say this look is perfect casual style you can wear to college!

PS_IMG_1062 PS_IMG_1063

Stellitoes!! I love to look at them, click pictures of them but when it comes to wearing them, I duck away. I really can’t manage walking with such high heels but Rachana carried them off really well and they made her look even more hotter. I say this look is bold yet beautiful and can be worn for some special ocassions like an event launch or for a party but make sure it doesn’t involve lot of walking!



Finally, I asked Rachana about her fashion statement. Here is what she said:

Fashion for me is anything that is quirky yet classy. I have gone from blacks to trying colors. The most important thing for me are footwear. Shoes have the power to make a simple outfit look ravishing. I can safely say I have more shoes than clothes 😀


Also I loved doing this photoshoot ! This was my first professional shoot as a photographer. Let me know if you liked it, also if you got that unique style statement I might click you next!

If you have any specific fashion/beauty request, drop a comment below and we promise we will work on it!

Keep it Stylish, Stay Beautiful! 🙂

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