Benefits of Yoga!

While I am not too politically aware, the recent government change has my attention. Amongst a couple of initiatives that Prime Minister Modi has brought in his leadership, Yoga day has me the most impressed. For the first time, the whole country will observe a day that will focus on the physical and mental well-being of all citizens alike.

Today, TEC brings to you a basic yoga information for beginners. So that if you have never tried Yoga, you can at least give it a start with the rest of our country men and women!!

Here you go!!

“Yoga is a science perfected by the ancient seers of india , not of india merely , but of whole humanity as a whole. It is an exact science, it is perfect, practical system of self culture” – Swamy Sivananda.

Yoga gives immense positive thinking and presence of mind. Aasanas rejuvenate the whole body. It works basically on our nervous system and the spine. These aasanas increase motion in the joints and flexibility in muscles and ligaments. This is an massage to our internal organs. Aasanas promote health by increasing the range of motion in the joints, keeping the body mobile. Most joints and muscles are arranged in opposite pairs. Movement takes place when one muscle contracts , or shortens , while the other relaxes the lengthens. Yoga makes a perfect reunion of our mind and body which is most of the times diverted.1434863075393
Through Yoga you can achieve:
Weight loss and better health: These two go hand in hand. You need to obtain one for the other. Different Yoga Aasanas focus on different muscle groups. A few Aasanas focus on more than one muscle groups. This way one can achieve weight loss and good health.
Inner peace: A complete yoga flow is accompanied with Pranayams and meditation which requires that you concentrate on your breathing. These steps helps in reducing stress. Meditation is definitely not as easy as it sounds but once you get through the initial friction and calm your mind, inner peace does not remain that elusive unattainable feeling.
Better relationships : When you are calm from inside, you get the chance to understand the point of view of others. This way you achieve the two important keys of a relationship — communication and understanding.
Higher energy levels : Any sort of workout enhances your energy levels. Yoga is no different. A half an hour workout is enough to pump you up enough to put springs in your feet and songs on your lips.
Yoga also increases one’s Mindfulness and longevity.
How does Yoga help increase your beauty quotient:

We all want to look stunning, glowing and impeccable. Facials, spa peels do help, but Yoga helps uncover the natural glow of our skin. Yoga  is one of the most natural ways of improving skin health becasue it increases the blood flow, stabilizeses harmones and flushes out the toxins from our body which is also one of the reasons for skin aliments.

But one needs to understand that exercises alone can’t help achieve desired results. You need to maintain a good diet with greens and vegetables,take less stress, take 6-8 hours of beauty sleep, be regular with your yoga routine and drink gallons of water.

Here comes the list of few asanas which would help for the beauty glow:

1. Head stand(shirsasana)

2. Ushtrasan(camel posture)

3. Sarvangasan: The importance of sarvangasana is eternal “It is one of the greatest boons conferred on humanity by our ancient sages,” Mr. Iyengar states.

IMAG0195 copy
Picture Courtesy: Namya Raghuram

4. Matsyasan(fish posture)

5. Kapola shakthi vikasak: We have 57 muscles in our face, to keep our face fit and tone every musle this aasana helps

6. Kapalbathi

7. Parvathasan(mountain posture)

All these aasanas with Inversion postures reverses the gravity pull helping blood rush to the face.

I enjoy practicing yoga and it has been helping me get rid of my back pain.  It also helps me keep my calm since many years now. If you are waiting to start, this is the right time.

If this article helps you understand the very basics of Yoga, I will be glad! Make sure you are careful and easy with yourself if you have never tried exercising before.

Happy Yoga Day my lovely readers!!

Keep it Healthy, Stay Beautiful! 🙂

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