White Shirt Beyond Blue Jeans!

A white shirt and blue denim combination is a classic go-to dress for all those situations when you do not want to put a lot of thought and effort in your style and yet want to look chic and stylish. Today, however,I am not here to talk about the white shirt and blue jeans. I am here to talk about how only one half of our classic outfit, the white shirt, can transform another outfit.

As a Fashion blogger who focuses on style on a budget,I have always believed in one mantra – mix and match. I have spoken about mixing and matching earlier as well. You can check those blogs here and here. This way, not only I get a taste of variety within my limited wardrobe, I also end up using my creative brain cells and come up with something innovative. Besides, having a lot of photographs in what looks like a new combination( and hence a new dress) is always a plus.

Processed with VSCOcam with kk2 preset

For today’s article, I am showcasing a dress that is pretty on its own,but has the potential to look prettier with the right accessories. And my choice of accessory —  a plain white shirt.


Mixing and matching is a lot of fun. However, one has to be a little careful about what is being mixed and matched. For example, I chose a white shirt with this dress because it is already  a colorful outfit with dark block prints. The white balances out the colors and shades in the attire. However, had the dress been of a lighter shade, I would not have gone with the white shirt.


I have combined the white with gold – another classic. Some partnerships aren’t safe bets for nothing! I am wearing a golden neck piece and for bracelets, I have stacked up a couple of golden bracelets on one hand. You can keep the look simple by wearing a big dial watch.  There is also a white belt that defines my whole outfit.


Now coming to my most favorite part of this outfit—the shoes. Usually, such a dress can be worn in parties with a pair of pretty peep-toes or if you can carry them off –then a sexy pair of stilettos. (You can check our post on how different shoes change the look of a single dress here!) I like to be different. I have worn a pair of cute canvas shoes that give the look a casual touch. You can wear these in a casual meet up with friends or when you want to  dance your heart out in a party and don’t want to tire your feet.


This was my little way of adding my personal touch to an otherwise simple dress. At the end of the day,my lovely readers,you own your style.I just give you a nudge towards the idea. You can implement it in a million ways. And if you think that one (or all) of your ideas is worth sharing with all the lovely TEC readers, do give me a buzz!

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)
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