Match the Dress with Voylla

Every new application on your phone changes the way you operate your daily life. It can be a navigation app, that takes you from point A to point B in an unknown city or an identification app that helps you screen unwanted calls on your phone. While those developing these apps and websites spoil you with numerous alternatives, we at TEC want you, our lovely readers, to sit back and relax and let us help you determine what, out of a large collection of websites and apps, can make life a little easy for you. Hence, you will find that TEC expands to website and application reviews as well!


In my quest for the latest applications and websites for the fashion industry, I was introduced to Voylla. While there are multiple apparel shopping websites, I found that there are hardly any good websites for jewelry shopping. Voylla comes with an intention of filling that gap. No Indian attire is complete without that perfect jewelry set. Especially when you live in a society where wedding functions are pivotal to the culture, it is only natural that a Sari or a lovely Salwaar Kameez should be worn with equally beautiful jewelry to match with. Voylla lets you choose from a vast collection of neck pieces, bracelets, and earrings.

To begin with, I loved the look and feel of the app. The pictures are clear, navigation through the app is smooth and I wished there was a price filter to this feature as well. It also has an impressive collection for jewelry such as cufflinks and bracelets in Men’s section.


Now we all like to get spoiled for choices. Although ‘which necklace will go with which dress’ is a fun dilemma to be in, at the end of the day, it is just that – a dilemma. Since I was shopping for the wedding outfit that I am supposed to attend next month,  I fortunately (or, unfortunately) found myself in the exact perplexity. Here is how I was saved — “Match the Dress” app!

Match the dress is an application from Voylla that allows you to submit your picture and filter out the type of jewelry that you are looking for. Then while you flip through the pages of your favorite book, the MTD app flips through it’s best algorithm that will help you decide the closest match for your dress.

You can download Match The Dress from here!


I wanted a neck piece for the new Lehenga which I have designed (Watch out for a post around that soon!) All I did was to upload a picture of my dress to the app and before I knew it, I was presented with options in black and golden. I already had a black piece in my mind, so it was quite easy for me to make my final selection. This is an intelligent and intuitive feature and I honestly hope that it is expanded in the market to help us find other matching accessories as well!

All in all, I was more than happy with my experience with Voylla. The “Match the dress” app was a cherry on the cake. I totally recommend this to my readers.Do try it out and tell me how was your experience. If you see me jumping with joy at any point, it is probably because I love hearing from you!

TEC Verdict: 4.3/5

Keep it Stylish, Stay Beautiful! 🙂

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