Untraditionally Traditional With Triveni

Creativity cannot be defined — neither it can be tied to boundaries nor it can be limited to stay within lines. It is free and unrestricted — much like a Sari. Creativity and Saris go hand in hand. To begin with, I would like to salute that one person who looked at a plain fabric measuring 9 yards and said to himself/herself, “I can drape this piece of garment around a woman in the loveliest way and give her the power to be demure, graceful and sensual at the same time!”

I love to embrace ethnic wear as you have seen in my earlier posts here . However, I had never done a post completely dedicated to the signature attire of Indian culture – the sari. On a pleasant Saturday afternoon though, I was invited by Triveni to meet up with their team and explore their collection and to this, I could never say no. As I walked in, I was welcomed by Arvind Saraf, the Director of Triveni and Shalini Raj, a NIFT graduate and the Head Designer for Triveni.


“We are a 30-year-old Sari manufacturing company. We want people to not just wear but experience ethnic wear. Our purpose is to make ethnic wear easily affordable and accessible to the people.” Arvind tells me as he sits across a table that is sprawled with the latest look-books from Triveni.  The look books varied from their printed Saris collection to their Bridal wear.

As I flipped the catalogs of the printed Saris, Arvind quipped,” Would you like to take a guess on the prices?”

“These might lie in the range of two to three thousand,” I replied.

“Well! They all range from 1-1.5 k” He said while flashing a bright smile. ” It was all I could do to contain my surprise. These guys had my attention to the last ounce!

The collection was actually beautiful. I loved the fact that their selection catered to a younger audience. It boasted of colorful prints, innovative embroidery work and an extensive range of style and design. The materials used were Art Silk, Chiffon, Satin, and Georgette. The work done on these varied from brocade to foil print to jacaranda.


Arvind helped me understand these collections more. “We have  printed Saris that can be worn in a daily office environment or a casual wear setup.  We have Kalpana and Jhumri collections that are more of party/semi festive wear. We have the traditional Bridal wear collection as well. We have a lot of Ghagras that are inspired from the colors of Rajasthan. Although we have introduced prints recently, we have been into embroidery and handwork from the beginning.”

Arvind also talks about Triveni’s online presence. “We opened our first online store in 2011. The online collection is much wider as we also include accessories and footwear.” I made a note to check the website as soon as I get home. But since I was new to the brand, I wanted to know more about Triveni’s online experience. “We get a direct feedback from our customers online. This has helped us to understand them better.” He says.

Sticking to my plan, I checked out their website. Turns out, Triveni has not one but three websites! There is triveniethic,iness and huesandvibes. While the first two links will take you to their online apparel collection, Hues and Vibes focusses on home decor. These guys definitely have broad horizons!

Talking about broad horizons, Triveni is all set to launch its own mobile app for Android and iOS. “It will have an interesting feature of virtual trial rooms where you can upload your pictures and check what will look good on you” Arvind informs me. Well! I cannot wait for this impressive innovation. Watch this space for more updates on the Triveni App.

After having us walked through these details, Arvind and Shalini invited me to choose a sari that I could drape on myself. And because I am always looking for a dash of excitement, I requested Shalini to do something different with the style. That is how I ended up wearing a Bengali style sari. Since the material of the fabric was soft and flowy, this Sari suited the Bengali style perfectly!PicsArt_1436195457714

I was glad that I chose to wear my plain white crop topfor the meet up because it ended up looking like a stylish blouse. I love happy coincidences!

I would like to specially mention Shalini here. This woman looked like a bundle of talent.  “I can give you a muffler style to this as well.” She told me. The result is this ultra stylish drape that I am sure to wear sometime in the near future.


She also showed me another muffler style drape and I suspect that if we had some more time on hand, this woman would have given me more drape ideas than I could handle! Kudos Shalini and Thank You for these unique style ideas!


I would encourage all my lovely readers to check out their online collection — Go on ladies, indulge yourself. I liked a lot of their collection, especially from TriveniEthnics. If you happen to know an interesting Sari drape, send us a picture of you in it and we would love to feature your style.Otherwise, just say a Hi to us on any social media platform or in the comments below — we promise to respond back!

And yes we shall keep covering more events and give you regular updates so don’t forget to watch this space!

Keep it Stylish, Stay Beautiful! 🙂

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