From Cubicle to Dance Floor — All In A Day!

Have you had days when work is crazy? I am in the middle of such a busy time. Stress follows me, like a sociopath, everywhere I go. It is during these times that I want to party like there is no tomorrow! Even if I squeeze a dance party into my busy schedule, more often than not, I am dressed in typical office attire. Now, of course, I assure you that I am that elegant chick at my workplace, but not all dresses are for all situations. Am I right, or am I right?

If I know you well, you have been in a similar situation. Here’s how I made a smooth transition from work to party.


In office, I chose to wear a pair of well-fitting trousers with a peplum top. Peplums are trendy these days, and if paired wisely, I find them to be the right mixture of casual and formal. You can pair it with pencil skirt to get that perfect formal look! Or wear it with shorts to give a perfect casual look!


When I moved out for the party, I accessorized the outfit; that gives it a more fun and peppy look. I also carried my fab bag as a clutch. Although I had not liked the contents inside of it, I instantly fell in love with the bag. You can read more about it here.

Coming back to the outfit, I wore a single neck piece, but it looks like I have stacked a lot of them. I am also wearing my favorite watch on one wrist and a pretty blue bracelet on the other. This bracelet is a handmade one, I bought from a fundraiser! Isn’t it cool?


The idea here is to strike a balance so that you don’t look overdressed at your workplace or underdressed at the party. The accessories are light so that I could carry them in my laptop bag. I believe in being subtle and keeping it professional in the office. Therefore, I would never wear a lot of accessories there and I would not recommend it to you. As for the look, I am not really into make-up, but I freshened up and applied my favorite BB cream and a lip color which, again, can be carried in your bag. In here, I have applied NYX lip cream.


My footwear fit well in both situations. Whenever I shop, I try to buy things that are versatile so that their usage is not limited. The same thought was behind these sandals when I bought them. You may want to keep this tiny trick in mind before you go for your next shopping trip!


There you have it, ladies. Work hard, and party harder! This is the mantra that I live with. I hope you do so too. The next time your friends make a plan after work, follow these tips and be the life of the party! Do tell me how it was, because listening to my lovely readers is my favorite kind of party!


Keep it Stylish, Stay Beautiful!

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