4 ways of Styling Culottes!

Culottes are women’s knee-length trousers, cut with full legs to resemble a skirt. Although, “Culottes” is a very fancy term for a dress. I like to call them the love child of palazzo and cropped pants! These pants are a designer’s gift to the fashion world. There are days when I look at my jeans and go, “Not these today!”(Although, I love my denim!) Culottes are not only great as a fresh breath of air from the normal “Jeans/T-Shirt” routine, they are also majorly comfortable and stylish. They especially are the best things during hot sticky weather, or even during monsoons. (Ladies Of Mumbai — I am looking at you here!)

Today I shall show you a few ways to style these lovely pair of culottes with nothing more than what I already have in my wardrobe.

1) Pair it with Crop Top: Crop top is one of my hot favorites this year. I have paired it before with Indian Skirt, worn it with Palazzos and distress pants! When I bought the Culottes, pairing them with a cute crop top was my first option. It looks stylish and yet it is very comfortable.


I have accessorized this look with a simple chain watch. For a change, I’m wearing a small dial watch! 😀 The other hand is accessorized with a chain bracelet. Too much jewelry would have obviously ruined the look so I have gone subtle here and picked a cool Owl chain with studs in my ears.

The bag I am carrying here is a multi-task master like you and me. It can be used as a sling bag or a handbag! I would recommend going with a sling bag when you try on this look.


2) Denim Jacket: I always try to enhance my look with a teeny tiny difference because it is boring to wear the same thing more than once! All I did was to add on a Denim jacket to the above look without changing anything else. But hey, don’t you see so much of difference in these two looks?

cul_DSC0033 (1)

I’m wearing a pair of flat bellies that are comfortable to walk in. One thing to keep in mind here, when you are wearing short pants, choose to wear gladiators, boots or a pair of sandal which at least reach your ankle.


3)Layer it with Shirt: Not a crop top person? Well! There are other options to explore. Wearing a long shirt or a kimono jacket on Gunji looks great with Culottes. Here I have a light beige shirt with black prints that matches my black pants.

Cul_DSC0190 (1) 

Since I love tucking my shirts in, I have tried two styles here. One, I tied up the shirt around my waist in a knot. Two, I tucked it in the front portion. Choose the one that you think would work best for you.

I have accessorized this look with big aviators and my favorite big dial watch. Instead of a bag, here I am carrying a clutch.


4) Ganji and Scarf:  A gunji, Jeans and sneakers are the most comfy clothes ever. But we need to keep it stylish also right? In this look, I’m wearing a white gunji top with a printed scarf. You might have to consider the colors according to your pant color. Since I have a black one, I didn’t find it difficult to choose the color of my top. While we are on this topic, a pair of white Culottes with a red crop top will look gorgeous. If you are planning to go shopping, just remember that.



Do keep in mind our favorite mix and match principle. I have created all these looks with the things that I already had in my closet and nothing is expensive or over the top. Do let me know which look you liked the most.

Photography: Copix

Keep it Stylish, Stay Beautiful! 🙂

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