4 unusual tips to stay Beautiful!

While I prefer being traditional and relying on tried and tested methods, sometimes it is fun to take the road less traveled. Being a fashion blogger means one keeps looking for ways to look and feel good. In all my previous posts, I have been giving you a few handy ideas from my journey to make your life easy. Today, I bring you an amalgamation of such tips that you might find fun and useful. Here you go!

1) Do not wash your face in the morning — I know it is a weird thing to say. But hey! it’s not me but Salma Hayek herself who gives a nod to this trick. It is not new information that when you sleep your skin regenerates itself and balances the pH. It then actually makes a lot of sense that you sleep with a squeaky clean face and let it be in the morning when it has been fixed by mother nature.


Here I speak from personal experience — I had the habit of washing my face in the morning and after coming back from the office. After I came across this funny little piece of advice, I stopped my morning face washes and strictly stuck to the routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing the face after coming home from work. Very surprisingly, not only do I see a healthy glow on my face, I was relieved of the break-outs that had sadly become the new normal on my forehead. Maybe you can give it a try too!

2) Black pepper and curd for your hair — Here’s a story from my personal life again. During my twelfth boards, I was worried sick. Stress was my new best friend and my hair had stopped loving me. I had the severest hair fall to the extent that even my Dad got worried. That’s when my Mom suggested I apply curd mixed with black pepper. Curd is a natural conditioner — of course you know that, but surprisingly black pepper is a miracle product itself. Even today, when I feel my hair is losing its luster, curd and black pepper are my favorite ingredients to bank on!


3) Reverse hair wash — This is more of an experiment and less of a tip. Actually, it is not a tip at all! Recently, the internet has been bombarded with the idea of “Reverse Hair Wash” where you condition your hair first and then wash it with a shampoo. Have I tried it? Of course! Did I like it? Well! Yes. But I will still reserve my judgment. It’s been just once and I would like to try it some more times to actually pass on a verdict. In the meantime, if you happen to toy with the idea of Reverse Hair Wash, please share it with me. Maybe we can exchange our results! Also, keep watching this space for more updates on this super unusual idea.

4) Habit Triggers for Drinking Water — Drinking water is an unusual tip? Of course not. Probably it is the most common, overused tips of all time. Then why is it on my list? Because I have a super silly but extremely useful tip of making sure that I drink water regularly. Let’s face it — while everyone in this world goes on and on about “keeping yourself hydrated”, how many of us actually drink water for a good health ? I mean we drink it when we are thirsty or  when we had our meals but more often than not, we forget drinking water at all. I know this for sure because I do this too. So here is what I came up with — According to all the self-help gurus, you can form a habit by following a trigger. So I had two triggers that ensured regularity in drinking water — One, after I come back from a washroom break, I drink a glass of water and two, when I see someone drink water, I  drink some more water.


Now of course you will keep forgetting this — but no one stops you from making it fun. Play drinking games in your head, but instead of alcohol, drink water. Drink a glass of water everytime you hear Arnab Goswami yell or every time your favorite song is played on the radio. I know it sounds stupid but once it becomes a habit, you will do it unconsciously. That is exactly what we are aiming for — an unconscious water drinking habit.

These are just a few quirky tips from my repertoire and trust me I have quite a few more tips to share with you. What did you think of them? Loved them or hated them — tell me! I am sure you have a few unusual tips too. I would love to know more  — Do let us know that one strange thing you do which is actually pretty useful. As always, we wait to hear from you.

Keep it Stylish, Stay Beautiful!

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3 thoughts on “4 unusual tips to stay Beautiful!

  1. The reverse hair wash is a fabulous tip for a rough hair. It works like the hair spa treatment. It made my hairs so soft and shiny. Thanks for sharing this tip.


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