Power Dressing for Entrepreneurs!

The dictionary defines power dressing “as the practice of dressing in a style intended to show that one holds an important position in business, politics, etc.” In other words, when you power dress, you mean business. We at TEC always endorse a comfortable and cool sense of style. But when you climb the ladders of success, every part of your personality reflects your attitude. How you dress is a major part of it. Today, we bring you the powerful style of an entrepreneur.

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce you to Sujit Lalwani, Entrepreneur, and Inspirational Speaker & Author. He is the founder and Director of Inspiration Unlimited (IU). He is also the Founder & President of the charity 36meals which advocates prevention of food wastage. He has also forayed into writing with “Life Simplified!”

I have had the fortune of knowing him personally and he is one the greatest inspirations to me. I have witnessed Sujit Lalwani on stage while he addressed the audience and his sense of style is nothing less than powerful. He was the precise candidate for a post around “Power dressing”. We had a scheduled meeting at the Sheraton and since I knew he would be dressed in his usual fantastic self, I was ready with my camera!


He walked in wearing a pair of Blue jeans, Black shirt, and a Black blazer! A look at him and I knew he was dressed to perfection! Here is a handy tip — if you are dressing up for an important meeting, ditch bright colors and opt for the likes of black, gray or brown. He had worn jeans instead of formals and when I asked him the reason for his choice, he told me that he wanted a touch of casual wear since besides being acquainted for work, we were also friends!

PS_DSC_0085 PS_DSC_0114 copy

His shoes were formal and black and they were neatly polished. “Neatly” here is the word to emphasize on. Being unkempt is a bigger blunder than lack of style! He had a big dial wrist watch that stands out and adds to the grace of the whole outfit. Watches are Sujit’s favorite accessory and he told me that he has a large collection of such watches. He prefers to dress in pure formals when he is up on the stage. He says “On stage, I make sure to wear suits with an elegant tie and a shirt coupled with a pair of cufflinks, but for business meetings a good formal shirt, jeans and sometimes a blazer would be my style”



His phone case was also remarkable and meant business. When I questioned him further about his choice of  phone accessory, he said, “I like to keep changing them according to the occasion”. Little things matter and Sujit here knows this well. When you go out there to meet people and present yourself, even your phone case talks a lot about you. He also carried a black leather wallet and a card holder. Gentlemen, stop thinking that you have limited options in accessories. Take a hint from Sujit and dive into accessorizing and accessorize it right!



Now that I think about it, first impressions do hold a lot of weight and Sujit made a great first impression with the way he had dressed. I actually had the vibes of a formal business meeting. If he had come in a colorful T-shirt and denims or shorts, I wouldn’t have taken him that seriously as I did when he walked in a blazer.

Sujit is power dressing personified and he is an amazing inspiration to all the entrepreneurs – present and future. I hope this post gives you a sneak peek of how you can dress like a boss to impress in those board meetings!


I loved working on this post as I got the chance to interact with and capture the pictures of Sujit Lalwani — This is not very usual. It was a great tete-a-tete that I will always cherish.

If you have any specific fashion request, drop a comment below and we promise we will work on it!

Keep it Stylish, Stay Beautiful! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Power Dressing for Entrepreneurs!

  1. Whoaaa! Just blown away by the pictures! Awesome job Ashwini. I’ve always admired the way sir makes sure he’s in that perfect attire for meetings and talks. Bringing in one post all the details makes it really awesome. And about iPhone cases and accessories – there’s so much learn from him!


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