Iraya Jabakusum Kesha Lepa Review

I  love taking care of myself. It makes me feel good and confident but seldom get time for spa treatments. So when I know that the product is natural and will do me no harm, I find it extremely exciting to use it. A few days back, we had reviewed the Iraya toner for you. It is a product that we loved and would go back to it in a heartbeat. Pretty soon, I was lucky to be given an opportunity of examining and reviewing another Iraya product but this time for my hair.

Iraya has come up with a range of Hair-Care products which include The Fruit & Honey Shampoo and Black Tea & Lime Shampoo that leaves your hair bouncy and lustrous. It restore vitality and shine to your mane with deep conditioning Hibiscus Balsam and Hair Masque with 11 herbs. Revitalise your scalp with Nourishing Hair Oil and Essential Hair Pack that brings essential nutrients to hair roots.

Out of all the above products, I laid my hands on Jabakusum Kesha Lepa(Essential Hair Pack). I have been using it for almost three days now and I believe I am ready to tell you what I really think about it.


Product Claims and Directions:

Enhances the hair’s natural vigour. Help improve the texture and bring lustre, volume and radiance. Highly recommended for dull, frizzy and chemically damaged hair.


Contents: Hibiscus, Brahmi, Amla, Fenugreek, Gunja, Gokharu, Mayfal & Calamus


My Take On the Product: 

The Essential Hair Pack comes in a unique pot that itself exudes an earthy and natural feeling. It is made up of mud and looks like the miniature version of the pots Indian families use to store pickles. The actual product, however, is packed in a pouch inside the jar. The contents of the packet can be directly emptied into the pot as it is purely organic.

When I opened the jar for the first time, I noticed that the pouch was sealed extremely well and there were no spills or leakages. I was certainly happy about that. However, the lid of the jar does not close properly. So once you empty the contents of the packet into the jar, it threatens to be a clumsy travel partner.

The fragrance of the hair pack was very similar to Shikakai (traditional hair wash powder) and that was enough to raise my expectations from this product.


The instructions spoke about two ways of using Iraya’s Hair mask.  The powder is to be made into a paste with either water or oil. The oil was not a good choice and I was not particularly elated by the consistency of the paste. The next two times, I stuck to traditional paste making ways and added water. Although the instructions mention a waiting time for at least an hour, I could keep it only for half an hour because duty beckons! My weekends are busier than my weekdays, thanks to all the blogger activities. So my only alternative was to use it over the weekdays – the days when I rush to office only to realise there are pile and pile of work.  So I had to cut short time.

I used it thrice in two weeks. My hair is wavy but thin. Even in limited usage, I can actually see volume and bounce in my hair.

Tip: Since it’s in powder state even after washing your hair, you might find few granules left in your hair. Make sure you towel dry and slowly do a full hair flick and then blow dry.

Price: Jabakusum Kesha Lepa (Essential Hair Pack)   50 gm   Rs.495



  • Natural Ingredients and no harmful chemicals
  • Organic container
  • Gives Volume to hair
  • Gives Lustre if applied along with oil


  • Not Travel-friendly
  • Not Suitable for Dandruff prone hair

TEC Verdict: 4/5

Will I Buy It Again:

Yes! All in all, I am pretty happy with how my hair turned out. The product did not instigate hair fall and was quite gentle on the hair. I would call it a good investment on my hair!

If you have any specific fashion or beauty request, drop a comment below and we promise we will work on it!

Keep it healthy, Stay Beautiful! 🙂

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