Garnier White Complete Face Wash and Cream Review

The Indian markets today are flooded with products that claim to make your skin as pretty as it gets. There are products to cover your blemishes, lighten your skin color, moisturize it and basically wave a magical wand over it. You and I get bombarded with such products and let’s be honest– we are tempted to try all of them out. Aren’t we? But not all products do what they claim to do. Recently, I came across the Garnier White Complete Face Wash and Garnier White Complete face cream.

TEC has tried Garnier products before. We did the Pure Active Face wash collaboration and liked it. We also tried Pure Active Pore Unclogging Face Wash and  found it pretty average. Since this does not put the brand in either our favorite or our “avoid these” columns, I was only happy to try and review these products.


Garnier White Complete Face Wash

Packaging — The face wash comes in a usual Face wash tube with a flip cover. You can easily fit it in your office bag if you travel a long distance and require a face wash after braving all the pollution on the roads.  It also sits pretty on your washroom shelf without wobbling.


The Garnier White Complete Face Wash  lathers quite well. Only the lather is not really lather but feels like a super soft creamy solution. With that texture, I really love massaging it on my face and neck (Never forget your neck!) It smells pleasant and cleans the face. However, like any other facewash, it does dry the skin up, although, not immediately.


What I am not happy about, however, is the word “white” in the product. A, it does not “whiten” the skin and B, no face wash can really “whiten” your skin. TEC firmly stands by the belief that it is the overall elegance and style of an individual that defines his or her persona and their skin color has no connection with it whatsoever.

Garnier White Complete cream

Packaging — The product comes in a cute little tub that can fit into any corner of your bag, irrespective of how big or small it is. Also, the tub is plastic. So you can forget about those butter fingers and allow the tub to slip from your hands as many times as you want. It will not break. Full points for that. However, the box comes with complexion card that allows you to compare the difference in your complexion over a span of a week. This irked me for the reasons I just mentioned above. I really hope companies stop marketing their products with the word “white” or “fair” in them.


The cream is white and claims to have SPF 19. Clearly, a good thing to have. I move around a lot in the harsh sun and a product with high SPF is always a welcome addition. My skin lies somewhere between dry and normal so I would use this only after I applied a thin layer of moisturizer. Since it has  high SPF, I knew it will have a thick consistency. This means that it required patience with blending — which was okay. It blends well into the skin leaving it looking nice and supple with a creamy texture. It smells faint and pleasant and the fragrance dies down within some 10 minutes. It is surely not to bother even the most sensitive of people.

Face Wash Pros:

  • Cleans the face
  • Lathers well


  • Claims to give a fair complexion which is misleading
  • Dries up the face

 Cream Pros:

  • Blends easily
  • Gives an overall healthy look to the skin.


  • Claims to give a fair complexion which is misleading

TEC Verdict: Overall, Besides the tiny “white” word, I don’t really have much to complain about. They are not unprecedented products, but they are pretty decent. You can definitely give them a try.

Also, TEC allows you to get your own Garnier White Complete cream sampler. All you have to do is to follow these instructions.

  • Head over to this link-  7DayGarnierChallenge
  • Fill in the form
  • Garnier will send you the sample (Valid only for Garnier White Complete Cream)
  • Once you receive the samples you can write a review & share your experience by commenting on my Blog, Instagram or your own social media with the hashtag- #7DayGarnierChallenge Don’t forget to tag me too!
  • One winner amongst all you readers (Who has reviewed the product) will be selected to win a Gift Hamper from Garnier!

Keep it healthy, Stay Beautiful! 🙂

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