Phoenix Market City – A Fashion Destination in Bangalore

Phoenix Market City is one of the most popular malls in Bangalore and for obvious reasons. It houses the best of collections with brands that cover an entire spectrum. On one end, it has Guess and Marks and Spencer and on the other end it has budget-friendly brands like Max and Reliance! It is also the venue of many cool events over the weekend and that is one more reason why it comes under my personal favorite and often visited malls.

Speaking of events, Phoenix Market City is currently hosting a Fall Look Event, where there are 101 mannequins on display with some interesting and creative looks that can be put together for this fall. It sounded pretty exciting when I was told about it. Let’s have a look again — my favourite mall – check! New Clothes – Check! Fashion, Inspiration, Creativity — Check, Check and Check! Of course, I could not have missed it for the world!


The mannequins were set up exactly like I set my outfits in the wardrobe. All colours in one group and all blacks in one — because no 2 black outfits are alike, isn’t it? Even here, the outfits ranged from sweaters to jackets to dresses to scarves and we were still not done. Pheonix and I are in sync when it comes to the golden rule of Fashion – when in doubt, wear black.


I especially loved these two looks below — they are simple, classy, elegant and stylish. In other words, I simply fell in love with these two outfits. Nothing says class as a subtle outfit oozing with elegance. For the second dress, personally I might not go to this extreme of matching accessory with the dress. Given a choice, I will pair it up with a shiny black leather bag and black pumps. Also, imagine these dresses with black and white blazers respectively. Are you drooling yet?



I loved the Men’s outfits in the collection as well. The denim and leather jackets were, however, the clear winners of this evening.

And that is me sporting my fall look in a simple red dress with black boots. As I said earlier, I love to keep it simple and  elegant.


Below are few looks that can rock a college look or even Friday casuals.




This look here is my version of blue. I loved the sling bag and it is the classic red and black combination– another look that had me at hello.


One reason why I love such events is that I get to meet my kind of people — the ones whose eyes dilate looking at a lovely dress, who make mental lists of what can be worn with what , and who exercise tremendous self control on seeing a fashion disaster , in other words — fellow fashion bloggers.

The lovely girl with me here is Bhavya and both of us liked the same blazer. Since we could not buy it right away and obviously could not fight over it, getting clicked together seemed the right thing to do!


If you happen to be in Bangalore, you should definitely visit this Pheonix Mall for some major fall fashion inspiration.

Keep it Stylish, Stay Beautiful!

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One thought on “Phoenix Market City – A Fashion Destination in Bangalore

  1. I have seen these 101 falls at phoneix mall it was incredible and least I can say is not only the PR of this show but the owner of Phoenix mall will be proud of such a blog u have written keep up the good work


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