My Tiara Tales as a Designer!

Of late, I have begun designing my own dresses. Not only is it fun and budget friendly, it also satisfies me creatively and qualifies as a very useful hobby. I have already written about my earlier designs which focused on traditional wear. This time, however, I have dabbled my hands in designing a skirt and top and I thought I did a pretty decent job with them. I am wearing a midi skirt and my inspiration has been the midi skirt fashion trend. A lot of celebrities have been seen in midi skirts and I think they look extremely feminine and pretty.

Initially, I was looking for a Midi Skirt through the clichéd way — going to the malls, checking online et Cetra, but nothing really clicked (pun intended there!) So, I took the matters in my own hands and got it stitched. Crop tops to Midi Skirts are what Bunty was to Babli or what Bread is to jam — made for each other. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I love crop tops. And if you are new to this website then hey! You know what? I love crop tops. They are cool and chic. You can read more about them here and here. I designed this dress keeping in mind that I would like to wear it for a casual meet up or for a weekend brunch.


The green skirt has flowery prints in yellow and pink, and hence I chose to pair it with a plain yellow crop top. I don’t like overdoing prints and that is why I preferred to go subtle on the top. I particularly liked the boat neck of my crop top because though boat necks are not unheard of, they are not very usual – and I wonder why! Because I think they look lovely. Also, here is a secret to perfect fits — zippers. This crop top has a zipper on its side. That makes it easy to wear and it fits like a dream.




The footwear are these super comfortable golden flats that compliment my golden clutch. I have not loaded myself with accessories because we know that less is more. I am wearing plain studs and bracelets. If you prefer, you can wear a long delicate neck piece with this dress. However, I went ahead with an interesting piece of accessory.

I got this headband (tiara) from crafts and looms. It struck me that I can use it to make this outfit look wonderful. It does not have to be just a meet-your-friends dress — it could be something straight out of a chick flick. The tiara works wonder on the whole look –doesn’t it?



You can sport this look for your Birthday or even as a Bridesmaid.


I have stacked up my bracelets which is something that I always like to do. You can also go for a statement necklace here, but I prefer keeping my neck bare.


Outfit Details:

Skirt and Top: Material from Mysore Silk Udyog, Bangalore

Tiara: Crafts and Looms

Sandals: StreetStyleStore

Lipsticks: Maybelline Colorshow

Bracelets: Commercial Street

So this was it, my lovely readers. Let me know if it was a yay or nay for you. I always love to hear from you and get to know your suggestions. After all, there is always room for improvement.

Keep it Stylish, Stay Beautiful!

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