Amala in Association with MetroShoes at India Luxury Style week

Amala is an Arabic word and as beautiful as it sounds, it carries with itself an equally beautiful meaning. Amala means hope — and on the rainy evening of 16th August, UAE based Varoin Marwah joined hands with Metro shoes to put up a fashion show that exudes just that — hope for the underprivileged. The show was focused on visually impaired children and its purpose was to increase awareness and provide hope. Varoin had teamed up with Yuva Lok, an NGO, to help these children realize their ambitions.

The show began with a voice of a little girl who speaks about turning her dreams into realities with the help of  privileged members of the society. The choreography was especially riveting with the show starting with black and white, depicting the monochrome monotony of life. With education, life starts speaking in colors and so did Varoin’s collection — soon color started to trickle in and how! Varoin busts the myth of men lacking options in colors. The models were dressed in all the colors present in a palette. All the outfits were complemented with stylish pairs of formal Metro Shoes that were also the official partner of the show.




PS_DSC_0084 copy




“Something about Metro reminds me of my childhood. When I was in school, Metro was there and when I will grow older Metro will still be there” Varoin told me with a bright 1000 watt smile. I couldn’t agree more! Besides the formal shoes that were showcased in the event, Metro always had a wide collection of casuals shoes and trendy loafers that have captured the market lately.

“It’s one of those vintage brands which has evolved itself. Along with the style, they are also priced very well.” Varoin signs off.

The shoes selected for Amala were shiny and pointed, that looked like the right balance of formal and casual. They were stylish and elegant and looked like a perfect choice for any occasion.


Varoin had more interesting things to tell me about the choice of these shoes. “Even a footwear can change your whole look. If we were not wearing these pointy shoes, we may look broader. The shoes make you look narrower and taller!”  He told me. Gentlemen, note this point, please! This is a super cool tip and if you don’t have those cool shiny pointy shoes, rush now we say! It definitely is a must have in your wardrobe. TEC had done a post on power dressing, where entrepreneur Sujit Lalwani also chose to wear a pair of stylish pointed shoes.


The show stopper for the evening was Raj Kumar Rao and he looked fabulous in his combination of suit and Metro shoes. He seemed like a down to earth guy and we had a lot of fun talking to him for this show. I loved how extremely well fitted his suit was and combined with the attractive shoes, Raj Kumar looked dapper and handsome!


It was a lot of fun covering this show and I hope you enjoyed reading about it.

As usual, I will sign off by asking you to be chatty with me and tell me everything that you love and hate about us and this website. We always look forward to your bricks and bouquets!!

Keep it Stylish, Stay Beautiful!

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