Asus #DivasMeet

When I was invited for the Asus Zenfone launch event, I wasn’t sure why would I want to be there as I’m not a tech blogger. Yes I blog about the latest apps that are thriving in the fashion business but I am not the one who talks about the Memory of the phone, its specifications, how many megapixels of camera there is and other things like that. But then I was informed that this is an exclusive #DivasMeet. Also, this event was to introduce a phone exclusively made for selfies. And we all know that selfies are here to stay! So come hell or high water, TEC had to attend the event! It was an evening dedicated to the pouts and poses of the selfilicious Divas from Bangalore!

We were introduced to the Zenfone Selfie, Zenfone Laser & Zenfone 2 Deluxe phones which were on display at the event. Though the event started late, we never had a dull moment because we were busy clicking pictures and meeting fellow bloggers.



Peter Cheng, the MD of Asus India walked us through the launch of Zen phones in India. We were given a sneak peek of 5 gadgets – 3 phones and 2 tablets.

  1. Zenfone Selfie
  2. Zenfone 2 Laser with the LED flash that takes the best pictures in low light.
  3. Zenfone 2 Deluxe- with a 3D cutting on the back panel making it easier to grip and giving a cool dual colour effect as well.
  4. ZenFone Max: See for longer
  5. ASUS ZenPad 7.0 (Z370) and 8.0 (Z380)DSC_0031

The highlight of the event was the Zenfone selfie phone. All you had to do was just swipe an ‘S’ on the screen and you’re taken to the front camera. Now only if everything in life was this easy! The phone also has an interesting feature called the beautification mode and it captures the best of you even in low light conditions. The mobile handset also comes with an extremely cute ‘lolly flash’ which is add-on equipment that you can fix on your handset to get the perfect lighting while clicking pictures. Now no or lowlights cannot stop you from taking those super cute selfies.

After we were done understanding the features of the phone, we were in for a fantastic surprise. Diva on Duty VJ Anusha was the guest of the evening. She was super energetic and fun to interact with. She had a lot of tricks up her sleeve and she was also generous enough to share it with us.

DSC_8609 (NXPowerLite Backup)

Firstly, she spoke about the right makeup. This is an extremely important step irrespective of whether you take a picture from the front camera or the back one. There are two points that I distinctly remember from her tips. The first one was to go easy on your foundation and give preference to concealers only for the problem areas like the under eye circles. Secondly, a little white eyeshadow on the inner contour of your eyes gives you an amazing look. I am yet to try these tips as I am not a lot into make-up, but keep watching this space for more on these hacks! She also spoke about the right angles to take a selfie.

After Anusha was done, a few bloggers were called on stage to walk the ramp while clicking selfies. I was one of those and I totally loved the experience of clicking selfies from the Zen Phone. It was easy to take the selfie even while walking as the click button is placed at the back of the phone, exactly at the point where your index finger is placed.

DSC_8685 (NXPowerLite Backup)

DSC_8638 (NXPowerLite Backup)

I had an amazing time at the #DivasMeet. I met up my blogger friends, got a chance to interact with VJ Anusha and I also won the ‘walk the ramp selfie’ which made my evening even more memorable.

You can order these phones here:

If you have had the chance to take a selfie on this new phone, do let us know the experience.

Keep it Stylish, Stay Beautiful!

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